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I thought about declawing my cats and struggled with the decision. I had a scratching post for them and they seemed to always use my doorways in the house. They are house cats and NEVER go outside.

After giving it thought and many painful hours of only imagining what it must feel like to them, I decided against it. I wouldn't want it done to me. I did not know how it was done or what the surgery was like. All I could imagine was the pain and suffering of my beautiful friends.

I just now watched the video of how it is done and I am shocked!!!! No, never, no way, nadda, don't even think about it, and many other ways of saying NO DON'T DO IT!!!!

Thank you so much for enlightening me on the procedure and the information concerning this.

I am just glad that I didn't get it done and then see the video. UGH! My heart hurts for all those less fortunate cats.


Hi... You touch on one of the big problems of declawing cats - a lack of understanding of what it entails.

It goes further than that. People who declaw show a deep rooted and shocking lack of empathy with their cat companion; an animal that these people say they love!

Thanks for popping by and sharing. There are lots of articles about declawing on this page looking at different aspects.

OUTRAGED!!! to Declawing Cats

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Jan 28, 2010 You did right
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Well, you may not have known about the actual operation at the time you decided against declawing, but you had enough empathy and compassion for your cats to make the right decision anyway.
Where I live declawing is seen as an act of animal cruelty and nobody in their right mind would as much as consider ever having that law changed. So we don't have to make that choice over here.
But you had to make your own decision and you did the right thing - and from all of my heart I thank you for that. 🙂

Finn Frode avatar

Jan 28, 2010 PHEW
by: Edward

It sounds like you gave declawing some deep thought man and thankfully you did.
Im a grown man but I cry for every cat living as a cripple cos of this awful thing done to them.
I look at my cats and cant bear to think of if theyd been born in a country that still declaws what theyd go through.
What beats me man is why people get cats then get obsessed that theyve got claws, did they not know they have them because they need them ?
Anyway Im glad you found out in time.

Jan 27, 2010 Another cat saved from cruelty :o)
by: Anonymous

I only wish that declawing video was compulsory viewing for anyone thinking of getting it done to their cat. Too many people are unware that the procedure involves amputating the ends of the cat's toes because vets sell it to them as a minor and harmless bit of cosmetic surgery.

I'm so pleased that you decided against declawing, and hope that you will share your experience with others to spread the truth about this act of cruelty to cats.

Michele (UK)

Jan 27, 2010 To outraged
by: Ruth

Thank goodness you found out how cruel declawing is before you went ahead and had it done to your cats ! Many people don't find out until it's too late and then they have to carry a burden of guilt at seeing their cats suffer their whole lives.
If you'd gone to a pro declaw vet he/she probably wouldn't have told you what the operation entails,bcause not many vets do.
You mention your cats never go out, but many people don't realise that indoor cats need claws too, they need them to dig in and exercise their leg,shoulder, stomach and back muscles.That's why so many declawed cats develop arthritis, they can't exercise properly.
Reading your post has made my day,knowing your cats won't suffer makes me happy ! PLEASE help us get this pre meditated abuse by vets banned by signing and passing on our petition:
Because we can't reach everyone to tell them the truth, we must get declawing banned !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 27, 2010 !!Enlightenment!!
by: Susan

How wonderful for your cat! He would never have been the same after declawing since it robs cats of their entire last digit, the one they use for multiple daily functions like walking and for dexterity. There is no such thing as a "cat" without claws.
It's actually common for cats to scratch at doorways, it's their way of announcing themselves, the scratches mark territory, like leaving a sticky note saying "I'm here".
I've had great luck putting sisal welcome mats in my doorways, and have a tall scratcher nearby so they can stretch & scratch. My cats favorite post was designed by a veterinarian called The Purrfect Post - it's worth the investment- http://www.purrfectpost.com
Please spread the word that "declawing" is truly an act of cruelty against an animal, we need more people speaking up for the cats and speaking out against this accepted mutilation (that has become a billion dollar industry for the US vets) in our society. Thank You!

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