Outside window cleaner on 22nd floor plays with a domestic cat

Indoor apartment cat intrigued with the activities of the window cleaner

Indoor apartment cat intrigued with the activities of the window cleaner. Screenshot.

I believe that there are a lot of apartment cats enjoying their moments with window cleaners outside, often hundreds of feet above ground. I bumped into three stories today on the Internet and the one that I’m featuring here is but one example.

Scooter, lives on the 22nd floor of an apartment block in Toronto, Canada. His human caregiver is Daniella Morales, 30. She captured on video the moment that Scooter became intrigued with the activities of the window cleaner outside on one of those dangerous-looking mobile platforms which I certainly couldn’t use.

Daniella takes Scooter out for walks on a lead but it seems that he needs a bit more, which means that he was immediately intrigued with the activity. It is a bit like cat television to him. What is nice about the video is that the window cleaner enjoyed the interaction and started playing with Scooter using his window cleaning equipment.

After the encounter, Scooter waited for an hour at the window for the cleaner to return. The video is on TikTok and it’s been viewed a million times. I can’t find it because there’s lots of Daniella Morales TikTok users! But one online business, Caters Clips, has converted it to a YouTube video.

A different window cleaner employed to do the same kind of work on these tower blocks said: “I’m a window cleaner just like this guy and honestly, seeing cats in the window trying to chase the tools makes my day.”

As I said, I think there are a lot of cats and a lot of window cleaners enjoying themselves a hundred foot above the ground. MSN reports on another example (but there are many others I believe) of a cat whose name is Guinness who regularly interacts with a window cleaner. Guinness and his human companion, Rina Takei, live in Pimlico, central London.

It’s quite interesting really because window cleaning does create some interesting patterns on the windows. The point I’m making is that they’ve got the tools and the means to entertain a domestic cat. They are going to be full-time indoor cats unless they are walked out on a lead. These sorts of little interludes in their lives will therefore be very enjoyable and stimulating.


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