Outstanding Moggy

Handsome random bred cat
Handsome random bred cat. Photo in public domain.
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This cat looks male and random bred to me (wrong? Please tell me). And he is a beauty. He’s a patternless ginger tabby. He is very elegant. All the feline features are in perfect balance. His emerald green eyes contrast nicely with his red tabby coat. You don’t need to see a purebred cat to see beauty. In fact, if we are honest, a lot of pedigree cats are overcooked. The breeders have gone too far. Extreme breeding automatically pulls the cat’s apppearance out of aesthetic balance. There is distortion. The Persian’s plate flat face and the modern Siamese’s rat face are examples.

When the whole is in perfect balance as in this case, their is genuine, calm beauty. It is not in your face. It is better. It is in your mind.

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