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Over one million people sign petitions seeking justice for Cecil the lion — 5 Comments

  1. I heard on the news today that officials are trying to find Palmer. He, apparently, isn’t responding to any requests to show himself and talk with them.

    He may still be in Africa or returned after all of the hooplah. The news talked about getting an extradition order to return him to the states.

    He’s even more of a coward than anyone could think.
    He won’t even show himself.

    That equals guilt in my book; like we didn’t already know. He knew, exactly, what he was doing. His plea of ignorance or naivite won’t fly. And, should he try to blame his guides or anyone else, he’ll be shot down. I doubt that any paid “slave” would risk their own freedom for him.

    Today, I think the he and bitch Kristen are the most hated people here.

  2. People like Palmer have more money than brains.

    I’m voting for the lesser of two weasels (as my brother used to say) in the next election. As bad as it may seem now, if Bush or Trump get in I can assure you things will get worse.

  3. America has certain areas where citizens can be fined for feeding the homeless people or for feeding homeless cats. Yet our president sends BILLIONS to other countries and won’t take care of the people here. I really want to vote in the next election but don’t know who would be the lesser of all the evils running for office.

    • I am guessing that you are alone with your thoughts. We have a similar problem in the UK with overseas aid while money is short. The concept behind chucking lots of money at overseas aid is to reduce world problems which then improves the lives of American citizens. However, a lot is wasted and misappropriated. The benefits are hardly noticed it seems to me.

    • Right on, Elisa!
      I could go on for days; but, my bottom line is that no one in the states should be hungry. We throw away enough food to feed billions. And, for anyone to be fined or jailed for feeding anyone/anything is criminal in itself.

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