Over twenty years of loving a stuffed cat left its mark

Two plush toy cats one old and one new
Two plush toy cats. The one on the right had 22 years of loving and the one on the left is an unused copy. Photo: connguy on Reddit.
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This is the title of the Reddit post which explains the picture at the top of the page:

“In 1995, my great-aunt gave me a stuffed cat. It was my absolute favorite, and slept with me every night through my childhood. When she passed, we found out she had bought an identical cat and kept it in pristine condition for two decades. The years of love certainly left their mark.

Here are two comments (with the original post title underneath). It is quite common to buy ‘spares’ of plush toys for children to replace them when they wear out. The problem is that the child knows when the spare one is being used unless the mother is an artist at disguising objects. The connection between child and plush toy or blanket is very great. It is a relationship which lasts into adulthood, even middle age and it has to be the original toy as they are living individuals. Children get untold amounts of benefit from their toy companions. I know a woman of 63 who carries around a plush toy frog in her handbag. He is called Jeremy (the frog was made by manufacturers Jeremy Fisher). She relates to it as a living being.

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