Overexcited man opening Christmas present stimulates cat to attack him

This domestic cat was stimulated into attacking this man because he was behaving in a way which indicated to the cat that he was hostile due to the noise and general pandemonium he was generating. That is my reading of the situation. The Daily Mail says the cat is a jerk. I’d say the human is a jerk. But then I would, wouldn’t I? It is a genuine cat attack which is rare to see in video on YouTube. Domestic cats are very slow to attack humans for obvious reasons. It makes me smile because it shut the guy up very quickly!

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9 thoughts on “Overexcited man opening Christmas present stimulates cat to attack him”

  1. I find it interesting that even many longtime cat owners are aware of overstimulation in cats. The cat was not attacking the human so much as responding to the stimulation. I would guess that that 7seconds was preceded by other events that led up to the final solution for the cat.
    There is a MCFH episode where the parents are upset that the family cat attacked their child’s face. Leading up to the event the girl picked the cat up while it was actively trying to hunt the pet lizard in a covered aquarium.

    • Nice point ME. There would have been a slow build up. There may in fact be a long term problem in the house whereby the cat is anxious due to the behavior of the humans or this particular human.


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