Overwhelming donations for guy who took responsibility for health of cat who fell from great height (videos)

Cash donations at barber for Mimi
Cash donations at barber shop where Shafaat works, in Geylang, for Mimi included in the over $6500 donated.
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This is a heartwarming, happy ending cat story. The star player is Shafaat Zainal who responded very positively and generously to an horrific event on 8th August after he had just finished breakfast. He heard a loud thud from his place, he said. He thought someone had dropped something heavy so he rushed outside to see what was going on. He saw a cat lying down bleeding from the mouth and nose. The stray cat had fallen possibly 14 floors (or had been thrown) and landed on the roof of the building at the 2nd floor.

Shafaat took it upon himself to take charge of the situation, to help the injured cat who he called Mimi. He took Mimi to a local vet and forked out $1000 in a deposit for approximately $5,000 of vet work including at least one surgery to repair a broken jaw and a possible second surgery to repair a broken chest bone (it transpired that this wasn’t necessary).

He did not have the money to cover the costs and asked for donations on Facebook. This is where the astonishingly generous and kindhearted animal lovers of America stepped up to the plate and in all donated a grand total of $6510. Within a several hours he had received Β£2370 including $200 dropped into a plastic container in a barber shop, The Panic Room.

The surgery cost $3,500 so Shafaat offered to return the surplus or he said he’d use it for further check ups and food etc..

He’ll adopt Mimi. He said the whole episode has been amazing. The drive to the vet was the most ‘intense drive of my life’.

At one stage Shafaat was faced with the possibility of having Mimi euthanised although I am certain he would have fought all the way to avoid that outcome.

It is a reminder that there are some wonderful people out there, on the ground, on Facebook. They are cat lovers and they are generous. They responded brilliantly to a request for help which had been made with feeling and humility. Shafaat is a Muslim. The Prophet would be proud of him.

After Mimi’s surgery

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