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Owl and the Pussycat (fundraiser) — 15 Comments

  1. Well Folks!
    The £4000 target we set for replacing the old aviaries is not far off. And we hope to be able to start work before the weather takes a turn for the worse.
    Dylan is happy and full of beans about this. As we all are.

  2. Wow lovely to see Dylan Photos again. Looking Very Relexed and Nothing is worrying him at all.
    How did u get him to wear a Harness. My Cats wouldnt stand that at all.

    • Hi Kylee

      Dylan was not comfortable with a cat harness. He didn’t like the neck piece as his head goes from side to side when he walks. However, when i went and bought a dog harness, he loved it straight away he’s never looked back since. Dylan was 2 yrs old when i brought him home, and tried a harness three months later. Normally, you would need to train from a kitten.

      • Hey there, wow thats amazing. I suppose there would be more room for Dylan. I’d Love to take some Photos and Make a Scrap Page sometime if ok. I think your on my Facebook. Yes i remember with my Older Cat Cassy we tried her on it and she wasnt happy.

  3. That is such a lovely photo, I admire Chris very much for her tireless fund raising for the Ark. Dylan is such a lovely boy, he does his bit and then relaxes a while, I’ve never met such a laid back cat in my life.
    Archie the owl is a real handsome chap too.

  4. I love this picture, there are the two humans working away to raise awareness and funds, there is the owl looking into the camera and posing as only an owl can, and then there is super-cool Dylan laid out on the floor, worn out with all the admiration and celebrity work he is called upon to do. He’s such a fabulous cat, he’s made the most of the opportunity Chris gave him when she adopted him and he’s made a place for himself in so many hearts and given so many people who haven’t so far appreciated cats the chance to realise how special cats are. I remember when he and Chris came to our coffee morning, Dylan was so pleasant to everyone and even outshone our human celebrity guest. I hope Chris will keep us posted with Dylan’s doings and I hope they raise the funds they need for the Ark to update their facilities for caring for birds as well as they care for cats.

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