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Owl café coming to London is advertised as suitable for people who hate cat cafés — 7 Comments

  1. Information for the truly ineducable:

    Outdoor cats destroy owls’ ONLY visible and attainable food-sources. Where there are people’s cats there are no owls. Any owls and their offspring have been starved-to-death by people’s cats.

    Got it? No? Didn’t think so.

    And it’s not about hating any animal. It’s about preferring native wildlife (upon which our own lives and the lives of all others depend) over that of any human-engineered cats.

          • You have that a bit backward. My revealing to you your own phenomenal stupidity and astounding ignorance is what annoys you.

              • Owl looks for small animals to eat. Oh dear, it can’t find any. Cats have destroyed all the small animals in the area. The owl and its offspring now starve to death.

                I guess even this simple concept of ecology is beyond your ability to reason and think anymore. Oh well! (You do realize what a a hugely ignorant fool you are making yourself out to be, don’t you?)

                You might want to get at least a grammar-school level of education in subjects about nature and the natural world before you decide to host a site that is drastically harming the well-being of nature everywhere on the planet. Don’t you think? Of course you don’t. You can’t even figure out why owls die if there are cats around. Wow. You are sadder than sad.

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