Owned by Two Oriental Shorthair Cats

by Lisa Lyons
(Cambridge, UK)


I have been owned by two of these wonderful cats! They are both Chocolate Oriental Spotted Tabbies.

Orli, sadly, suffered from a genetic disease that is usually rare, but not so rare in the Orientals, Hepatic Amyloidosis.

It is the only warning I would give to prospective owners, because it's incurable. However, it's still uncommon in Orientals!

They both have their own personalities, so a note on that.

Orli was one of those cats that had to be WITH you, or touching you, if possible. If I'd walked into the bedroom, he'd follow. If I'd walk around the bed, he'd hop up and follow me around the side, bottom and then up the other side!

He loved cuddles, just loved being loved. And I'm told that this is a very common trait in Ori's.

For Londo, his brother, he is quite skittish, being a small cat in a house of "big'uns!"

He runs from his own shadow, but it takes moments for him to realise he was wrong and come back in for love. Like Orli he adores being held, cuddled and kissed. He is, however, very forceful and noisy. That's a very well known trait for Ori's, their voice. And Londo has it in spades!


Hepatic Amyloidosis - for visitors, this disease is incurable and fatal. Cats present as under the weather. Pale gums and ears are signs plus slight jaundice. Haemorrhaging of the liver caused by amyloid cysts causes death....Michael

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Dec 24, 2009
Oriental shorthair
by: Lisa

Yes, I'd say that's about right, actually... They weren't the longhair variety, though my breeder did breed those for a while.

In the UK COST stands for Chocolate Oriental Spotted Tabby... so he's a deep chocolate colour with tan background. But somewhere in his genes he has a little lilak, so the colours in the sunshine are beautiful!

Londo looks almost identical to Orli, just a little wider of the muzzle. And he's my little baby, curled up in my arms as I type this!

Dec 24, 2009
Love this breed
by: Anonymous

I love the look of your Orli!! I am so sorry to hear he is no longer with you, he was truly an exotic looking cat 🙂 Sounds like he was not only beautiful, but wonderful to share life with....

Dec 24, 2009
Hi Lisa
by: Michael

Thanks for a really nice and useful article. Orli is a great looking cat. I am sorry to hear about this disease Hepatic Amyloidosis that I hadn't heard of before. That was a nice educational point.

You called your cat "Oriental cat". I hope that I haven't made a mistake in re-titling the post using the term "Oriental Shorthair". If I have please tell me and I will correct it.

There are differences between the USA and UK and I tend to use the USA terms despite being in England and English.

I re-titled it for search engine optimisation purposes.

Michael Broad

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