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Owner of 25 cats removed from Lancaster County home tells his story: ‘I cry every day for them’ — 38 Comments

  1. I’m happy that the word “hoarder”, in this case, will taste like sh-t in the mouths of those who spewed it.
    These “do-gooders” have destroyed the hearts of these fine people.
    If it had been me, I would have distributed ALL of the cats among my friends/relatives, moved to a safe location, and then retrieved my cats.
    When do we think this “fad” of accusing people of being hoarders will stop? When will we only confront the obvious abusers/negligents and leave decent people alone?
    When will we start minding our own business and only involve ourselves when we see evidence of abuse?
    I’m sickened by this story.
    Who do we think we are?

  2. I am hoping someone will keep up with this story to see the final ending for these cats, were they all adopted out or did they spend their last 30 days in a cage at the shelter before they were euth. They were better off with him and people are saying there was no barn, warehouse, fosters, garage they could be moved to to temp house them??? Funny how these big name rescues go on raids and say they took in 25-50 animals and have plenty of space for them (big money making opportunity) yet when a private person is asking for help, they say no. And once the “state” steps in, it is usually the cats that are the losers. They have already demonized him in the press. Heck, they should hire him, appears that he was doing a better job of caring for them than some shelters out there.

  3. So what is the current legal situation with the cats? Did he voluntarily give them up? Was he threatened with cruelty charges? Who currently has HIS cats? This is outright theft in my book. Those cats were healthy in the pictures, home was clean, what was the manufactured reason for seizure (were they seized with a warrant)? There needs to be a follow-up story on where the cats are, why seized, and the legal abuse here.

    • I believe he was given very little time to vacate the property and had to make arrangements very fast. I’ll be keeping up with this one. Kenneth may also decide to comment

    • Apt was condemned due to slum landlord not doing repairs in 6 years. And yes city says legally only 6 allowed but when they were being dumped on doorstep couldnt say no and shelters had no room. Building was structurally unsafe thats why condemned. Had to sign them over because was homeless and nowhere to rake furbabies with only 24 hrs given to leave.

  4. As I said, I was close to the edge too, but I was also struck by how Kenneth’s cats looked much like mine! I even have similar photos and it’s just erie.

  5. Poor Kenneth. I’ve been devastated losing most of my cats to diseases. I had 14 for 3 years running, but I took good care of them. I used to care for almost as many race horses at once so I compared it to that. I was lucky that I owned my home and could do my own repairs; I didn’t have much money or help either and I’m still in debt. Michael’s right, it only takes a bit of bad luck to push things beyond control. I’m glad he can still keep 6 of his. I hope he gets another place and I’ll look for the donation page.

        • I only posted a small number because we do have a little saved. But having to leave w basically nothi g but food and clothes and few personal things like pictures of our furbabies we will need to find a house then get simple stuff like beds dressers couch, etc.

          • Tammy, can you post the link here? I don’t see it on Kenneth’s Facebook page. I’ll put it on my wall when I get up tomorrow.

            • gofundme.com/tj531
              its under my maiden name when i first put it up to try and get help to relocate year ago when got no help from city to get landlord to fix anything…

                    • Tammy, hugs to you and Kenneth. I am utterly heartbroken for you both. My husband and I have 29….age 18 all the way down to 1 year. 15 had been trapped over the last 2 years on our own rural property. Like you, we found it best to rehome with us because the rescues are so full. There are still about 4 we need to trap. I wish we were able to take your furbabies. Everytime I read this post on my timeline, I cry. I would also like to follow your story, find out how the kitties made out. They can’t be held until you get back on your feet….??

                    • Nancy, i had to sign paper to surrender as there wasnt enough time given to do something. we are looking everyday online to search for a place for the 6 we were allowed to keep and are temp staying w friends. i dont think i will be able to get back the ones that pet pantry helped by taking…they may be lost to me for good…and i cry everyday missing them..i loved them all very much..the youngest i just trapped around new years by a busy highway/road. the oldest was 8-9 yrs old and all have been with me since birth on up.

            • This is in response to my cat troll. I am not helping in any way other than to allow Tammy to post the information on this article. It’s up to the readers as to whether or not to donate.

              This is NOT a con game. Tammy and Kenneth are basically homeless and this is the only way I can help them.

              As for myself being a con, if I were then would I be driving a 2004 vehicle with almost 200,000 miles on it? I don’t do fundraisers for myself or for other people. All I do is share them if I believe they’re legit.

              These messages are stopped before making it to an article. They go into the file I’m building.

              • This is a very successful article by the way which touched a lot of people. I did not know about Tammy until I read her comment and link to her fund raiser which sadly failed to take off. Strange that; there is interest in their story but not it assisting financially.

              • Elisa, thank you for helping get the story out. I am deeply saddened by their story and offer whatever support I could give <3 There will always be those less compassionate people who will try and degrade those of us who give up everything to help animals (especially cats).

  6. I really wonder about the legal aspects of this. Often if people are in modest circumstances they simply don’t have the opportunity to exercise their legal rights. Frequently coercion is involved — the good cop, bad cop technique. People are told that if they don’t surrender their animals they will be charged with cruelty. One client was told “if you sign them over they’ll be taken care of — otherwise not.” I leave it to your imagination how they were taken care of.

    • As the mom of 19, I feel for Kenneth. We moved to another state, into a Mobile home (double wide) on an acre of land to be able to give our cats a better life. We sometimes struggle-we live on one income as I look for work here and husbands job supports us both. People always ask why we have so many. The answer is that we have taken shy rescue cats, cats that don’t show well, and cats that need time and patience. My heart goes to this family and I think that this happened to them is so wrong-the landlord sounds terrible. I hate the term ‘hoarder’ because people who have multiple animals aren’t ‘hoarders’, thats a term meant for someone who has many issues. If people had multiple children they wouldn’t be so singled out…my kids have fur. Prayers and purrs for Kenneth. If we can help in any way, please let us know.

      • The furbabies had much love and wanted for nothing. Unfortunately they are now lost to us for good. But i pray that whoever adopts them will try to post pictures/updates on how they are doing. They are missed greatly.

        • Have you ever thought about starting up a Facebook community page and asking people to post them? It’s worth a shot.

            • They probably can’t give out the names of the people who adopt but once they’re in private homes I don’t believe they could prevent adopters from posting photos to a community page.

              • i will have to find a way to look into it, thanks. i miss them. just not sure how to go about doing a community page for them..pet pantry was kind enough to come help take them so they wouldnt be put down somewhere else.

    • We were given less than 24 hours to surrender them to someone or the city would take them to be put down. I understand city thinks they know whats right by giving a limit but yet they do nothing to stop all the ferals and strays running around. I took them in and got them fixed and gave them more love then they had on streets. It was condemned because of lousy landlord who fixed nothing for years. I wish there was a way to get them back but being homeless now and still looking for new place my babies will be adopted before i find one.

  7. I will pray for Kenneth and his extended family*
    they appear to be very much loved and it is so unfortunate because his pets may not find the same compassionate environment elsewhere.
    Eva say’s_

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