Owner reunited with 24-year-old cat

A 24-year-old cat (112 in human years) went missing in Lincoln, UK; specifically Mill Hill Lane, Nettleham. He was found in a garden and taken to the veterinarian at Friars Lane Vets. He was dehydrated and he looked in a bad way because his nose had been bruised and battered for an unknown reason and in the past he had his ears amputated because of cancer.

Jason a 24 year old cat who went missing
Photo: Lincoln Cat Care Charity
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His name is Jason and he is very friendly and laid back.

The quest began to find his owners. At this point we can thank the Lincoln Cat Care Charity’s webpage on Facebook. This cat charity do good work reuniting lost cats with distressed owners.

This comment explains things:

Nita Jane Howard: Hi just to let everyone know Jason is back home with his owner, he only lived just around the corner from where he was found.

His ears have been surgically removed due to cancer and his nose is battered but he has regular visits to the vet to check his health and for an old lad he’s doing as well as expected.

His mum and his adopted mum (next door neighbour) both adore him and thank everybody for their concern and for Lincoln Cat Care and Friars Lane Vets for caring for Jason during his adventures. xxx”

And the post below tells the story from the Lincoln Cat Care Charity’s perspective:

A lot of neighbours got in touch with the charity and in fairly swift fashion he was reunited with his owner. Lincoln Cat Care Charity were surprised at how old he is.

Twenty-four is an exceptional age for a domestic cat. Not many cats make this age. Anything above 20 is excellent and mid-20s is very rare. It is the first time I have encountered a story about a 24-year-old cat going missing. He did not get far.

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5 thoughts on “Owner reunited with 24-year-old cat”

  1. So glad he’s safe again. My eldest is 17 and really slowing down. Yesterday we went for a walk down the street to the park when a temporary neighbor’s dogs jumped a fence and chased him home. Then later one of my other cats fought and injured him. He so doesn’t deserve to be treated badly. I try to keep him safe and happy. I hope he lives long enough to enjoy time on a ranch in the country I want to buy. I always want the best for them.

    • 17 is a good age. I wish him good health in his old age. I lost mine lady cat at 18. Kidney disease. Traumatic time. Good luck with the ranch. It sounds great for humans and cats.


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