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Owning a Cat Can Tell Others a Lot about You But There is Bias — 9 Comments

  1. i too hate the stereotypes people put out there about cat vs dog owners. the funny thing is many dog owners would be better off with a cat. i say that due to the fact that a cat needs little training, & many dog owners dont know how to, or just dont, train their dogs properly.
    so many say they want a “guard dog” , but NEVER really train their dog. they get big dogs that they see as intimidating like pit-bulls, dobermans, rottweilers, etc. they dont train them, or teach them to respect their owner or family(they just intimidate the dog thinking their fearful submission is just as good). then they feed them tabasco, or some other “hot”, sauce so theyll be “mean”. thats NOT training it is just cruelty of the highest order. they think doing so makes it easier for their “pet” to attack another. this, many times, means innocent bystanders which then gives the dogs a bad reputation. my gf thinks pit-bulls are inherently mean & predisposed to violence when they are actually fairly good-natured if they are treated, & trained, properly…properly being the key word. these dogs are also never taught to stop on command either. this means they continue until blood is drawn which then means, in many cases of an accidental attack, the animal then must be put to sleep simply because the owner didnt bother to train their animal properly.
    its sad that this happens so often. up until 3-4 years ago i was a dog person. id owned 3, & trained 2 of them(i wasnt old enough to train my 1st dog). it takes time & energy to do so, but its eminently rewarding for animal & owner in the end. most people just arent willing to do so. they want a “ready-made” dog, & the dog suffers for it. they also try to keep their dog inside most of the time & dont exercise it properly.
    thhis is why i think most of those people would be better off with a cat. it takes up less space. it doesnt HAVE to go outside. though one SHOULD TRY to let it explore from time to time, but its not an absolute necessity(i know some of you disagree with that statement). also, since people dont look at cats as “guard” animals theres no need for the misguided “training” that takes place with dogs. so i think theyd be better off with a cat in the end.
    you know another thing with that “guys get dogs & girls get cats” thing? a lot of women are getting those “tea cup” or purse-sized dogs nowadays. i have no idea why as i REALLY do NOT think they are cute at all, but you see people with them all over the place.
    in the end though i think that study IS very biased as i personally know a few cat-owning extroverts & dog-owning introverts. that study is like saying ‘all actors are extroverts cuz they get up in front of people & act.’ when most of us know THAT is NOT entirely true. its just perception, & perceptions are subjective.

  2. We know Woody is Gail. Cats are better companions than many males,not men,just males.Many women have children and cats. I had 3 children,cats,and 2 wolves,and a 60 hour a week job. So,there goes “Gail’s” theory.I also managed to change the hearts and minds of many when it comes to cats. Seeing my compassion and devotion to strays/ferals left a mark on many others. I have TNRed over 175 cats,all out of pocket. Intelligent,empathetic,and people of good character see the value of all life. Some people Gail/Woody are still human enough to have a moral compass unlike you and your ilk.

    • If your cats were only destroying invasive species (cats themselves being a noxious invasive species), then nobody would be complaining. But your vermin cats destroy anything that moves. Letting a cat roam free is absolutely no better than intentionally throwing rat-poison around on everyone’s property to kill any living thing. Your man-made vermin cats are now driving hundreds if not thousands of species of native animals to EXTINCTION across the whole planet. Have you no conscience nor morality left?

      Apparently gutting-alive and skinning-alive animals with everyone’s vermin cats, tortured to death just for your cats’ play-toys and YOUR entertainment, no other reason, is perfectly acceptable to you. Yeah, you’re all fine upstanding “animal-lovers” who respect all other lives around you and all other life on earth, aren’t you.

  3. There are always plenty of negative assumptions about cat guardians, as opposed to dog guardians, that are usually promoted by males.

    I was glad to see Jackson Galaxy showing up to dispel some of the myths about males who prefer cats.

    Cats and dogs are much like young children (or babies) in that they need to be cared for and trained about behavior that’s unacceptable. Both are referred to as “fur babies” because of they have fur and are like babies.

    I don’t understand this reference: “due to the overwhelming preponderance of man-hating lesbians who “love” cats and use their cats to try to assert some kind of misguided authority in their ineffectual lives”. This seems as derogatory as any comment about people who love cats.

    There are so many reasons that people may prefer cats over dogs, but people will continue to make assumptions and judgments, due to a lack of true understanding of the choice of cats over dogs.

    I do love seeing cat-hating men transformed by simply receiving more knowledge and understanding of how to relate to cats. It’s so much different than relating to dogs. As they say “dogs drool, cats rule”.

    • Sandy, I knew this post would bring the lice out of the woodwork. Woody is back again. The comment he made and which you refer to reflects the classic attitude that I am referring to in the article. There are a lot of people like that sadly. They are all very wrong and it is an attitude which is also destroying nature and the planet.

      • Gee, Michael, it’s sad that once again Gail (AKA Woody) is once again making sweeping statements about entire groups of people that he obviously knows nothing about. Sad thing is, he/she/it sounds really desperate now, throwing out dumb statements that it hopes will stick like wet mud on a wall. Good thing is, like you said, its asinine statements only proves your point how backward and vicious its ilk is. I can’t call Woody a man. I don’t know what it is.

        Comparing it to lice is an insult. To the lice.

  4. It’s pretty obvious when women run around calling cats their “fur babies” what is really going on. They are incapable of having children (either by dependency of finding a partner or being just that irresponsible and/or incapable in general) and use cats as an easy and readily available proxy for their failed maternal instincts.

    Get another “fur baby”, that’ll fulfill that chasm of emptiness inside of you.

    • Oh please shut up. Not that many women call their cats “fur babies”. In any case what is wrong with it? It is just a mother’s instinct, isn’t it. Why are you so derogatory about that? You have to be a misogynist.

  5. That reminds me:

    As someone wise once said, “Dear single girls, please stop saying you should give up and get a cat. If no man wants you please don’t force an innocent cat to live with you either.”

    (Though, due to the overwhelming preponderance of man-hating lesbians who “love” cats and use their cats to try to assert some kind of misguided authority in their ineffectual lives, I suppose that should be edited to say, “If no human wants you …”)

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