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Paediatric spay/neuter does no long-term harm. True or False? — 6 Comments

  1. Many of the rescues I work with utilize the pet adoption programs at the large pet supply stores, which do not permit intact animals of any age. This policy encourages rescues to spay/neuter at what I consider too young an age simply to get the kitten into the rotation, get it placed, and free up foster/rescue space for the next homeless/shelter animsal.

    Michael, why are you bothered at the idea of a neutered cat’s small penis?

  2. Well I don’t care what the ‘experts’ say I think it’s wrong to take a cat’s kitten hood away so soon and to put him/her under anaesthetic so young has to be more risky. A queen kitten isn’t going to come into season until at least 4 months of age and most are older. Nor is a tom kitten going to want to find a mate so young. Neutering either sex so young is to me like declawing a kitten at 2 months of age, it’s for convenience only.
    Human babies only have surgery in an emergency situation, any surgery is if possible left until their lungs are better able to cope with anaesthetic, so why is it different for young kittens?
    We already take too much from cats without a thought for the cat, it’s all about what’s best for human beings and never about the cat!

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