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Paedophile Cat Hoarder and Abuser — 36 Comments

  1. OK with them wearing diapers that was the first thing I thought about was he sexually abusing the cats! OK this is a new shock thought that I would not hear much worse than Julianne Westberry, But I think I have!

  2. There are still 10 cats available for adoption or rescue as of 10/15/14 at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control in West Palm Beach, Florida 561-233-100 The shelter is located on Belvedere Road just west of the Florida turnpike ALL of these cats are gorgeous, friendly and healthy. Please disregard the comments about them being “unfriendly” etc in the video. I have rescued 9 of them so far and all are very sweet and deserve loving homes.

  3. Sick, sick situation.
    And, I’m so sorry that these cats are in a kill shelter.
    I can only tell, by the video, that two cats are considered healthy and friendly. They may get a chance at adoption.
    When I pay visits to our kill shelter “undercover”, I always ask, “Isn’t there a vet here? And, don’t you guys have penicillin?” “I’ll give you some of mine.”

  4. Exactly you are so brave Elisa so Brave. These type of People should Never be allowed to have any Animals. There needs to be some kind of Law that Stops these kind of People Having Animals. Im happy to sign any petition if it gets this sort of stuff happening again. Feeling Very Sad today “(

  5. Elisa quite Honestly I never could read some of your stories because they are too long and also because I could do nothing but you are right about the Crush Videos I couldn’t watch either. You are brave to be honest doing what you do I realise that now after reading this but I didn’t before. You are providing a service by keeping this sort of thing in the public domain because the public have a right to know about this horrific stuff.

    Seriously you know more about petitions more than me can you start one? We can all circulate far and wide, this evil, sick P.O.S should NOT get those cats back! That sad face of that little Tabby will haunt me my God what he must have experienced πŸ™ heartbreaking……

    Well done Elisa keep up the great work I can’t promise I will always read but if I can do something I will after all I’m sure its human nature to want to make change for the good? Surely? lets DO something the avenge those dead cats!

  6. To report on the cases making the news I have to watch a lot of bad stuff. Mostly dogs being shot by police as captured on dash cam. The only think I cannot bring myself to watch is crush videos. I absolutely cannot do it and don’t think I ever can. I do have a limit and that’s it.

    • Just saw the video and SAD SAD SAD, Alas I could adopt one πŸ™ so beautiful cats (feeling broken bones and joints) again πŸ™

  7. Elisa I’m sorry I couldn’t read all of it i get too upset πŸ™ Show me an article that I can act upon, share do something about and I’ll read it.

    ‘he won’t sign them over’ Then the law needs to be changed so start a petition and we can do something about it. In the UK they don’t need to sign them over they can just be seized.

    If the law gives a Paedophile and animal abuser rights over what he can and can’t do with his animals then the law is an ass 100 fold. Start a petition to change the law then I will sit up and take notice.

    I’m sorry if that sounds harsh then that’s the way I feel yet there again the cat loses out again doesn’t it because they will be killed no win situation for the cats in America. Get abused through no fault of your own you get defensive and aggressive, get aggressive and unfriendly you get killed no win situation for the cats again eh? Sorry but this pisses me off no end.

      • I have sleepless nights about animals suffering where no one knows they are there imagine the animals that we don’t know about it breaks my heart I hate people who have not one ounce of compassion that all they care about is their own gratification and we are giving this person and people like him ‘rights’? Makes my blood boil!!

    • I agree wholeheartedly. What in the world is wrong with this system? We need to ASK PERMISSION of a paedophile and animal abuser? That is just NUTS!! He should have no rights PERIOD!

      • I agree wholeheartedly too. It is astonishing that he has been asked. There could not be a better case for confiscation. The authorities appear not to have assessed cat abuse, which has obviously occurred. They need to investigate more this aspect of Westcott’s life.

        Is he going to be charged under animal welfare laws?

    • I agree they Should be MADE to give the Cats Over. Esp if hes one of those type of people. Makes me sick. Me too Ill definitely sign any Petition There must be more rights for Cats, it must happen!! Its just so cruel and horrible. πŸ™

  8. Oh Michael that’s just horrible. Thats actually worse than the Westburry Case. The Poor Cats, that’s so disappointing. It makes me sick. There are alot of those Type of People out there. Its really sad world we live in. I wish I could do something to help. I just hope some Shelters can take them in and some people can Volunteer. I hope that Lady is made to account for the Crimes she has committed. She must give over the rest of the Cats as shes not fit to have any of those animals its just pure Cruelty.

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