Accidental Ways To Kill A Cat

Furby and Lola say practice safe laundry Furby on the washing machine Always check INSIDE the dryer Today I received an email from a friend who did the unthinkable. She killed her one year old cat. It wasn’t intentional. Her cat did what a lot of exploring cats do and climbed into her clothes …

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Beverly Hills will Lead on Feral Cat Laws

Date of post: 21-7-09 GMT: I believe that, on 18th August 2009,  Beverly Hills will lead on feral cat laws and vote for NEW  Trap, Neuter, Return laws rather than reinstating deleted law. Notice: NEXT COUNCIL MEETING IS AUGUST 18, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. NOT August 4, 2009 WHERE COUNCIL WILL DECIDE – Tina …

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