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This is one of those debatable questions because as there are no records of lynx ...
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Eurasian lynx

Can a lynx kill a healthy adult human?

The reason why people don't want animals to be able to communicate using language is ...
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Panbanisha a bonobo who learned to communicate with language

People don’t want animals to be able to use language to communicate

NEWS AND OPINION: In a change of policy, animals that the FDA has used for ...
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Cat used for animal testing

America’s Food And Drug Administration (FDA) allow their laboratory animals to be adopted

Michigan state is debating a ban on declawing. If the legislation is passed Michigan would ...
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Assembleyman Crouch against statewide declaw ban

Statewide declaw ban is government overreach?

This is the current ranking of the most popular cat breeds recognised by the Cat ...
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Top 10 cat breeds CFA 2019

Top ten cat breeds CFA 2019

It took me a little while to figure what was happening in this photograph. The ...
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Mystery cat picture? A grey-skined Sphynx (hairless cat) lying between some bedding with their fron paws sticking out.

Mystery cat picture. What is it?

We are not told what species of cat this is so I'll speculate. I believe ...
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Woman cuddles an enormous Eurasian lynx

Woman combs and cuddles an enormous Eurasian lynx (video)

This is another extraordinary looking Maine Coon. I have described the cat's muzzle as massive ...
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Massive muzzle on Maine Coon

Massive muzzle on Maine Coon (picture)

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Sphynx baby and long pink false nails

Picture of black Sphynx ‘alien’ kitten and false pink nails

Please follow the instructions. There is one question and ten possible answers one of which ...
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Modern Persian cat

Quiz on the origin of the Persian cat

There will be a dispute about this but I believe that I have a definitive ...
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What is the largest mountain lion on record?

UK - MSN News - OPINION/NEWS: I don't have hard details but enough to circulate ...
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F1 Savannah cat sent to wildlife park

F1 Savannah cat in UK placed in wildlife park as too wild for family home

The NBC News author F. Diane Barth asks why fat animals such as cats are ...
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Obese cat in meerkat position

The reason why people are fascinated with fat domestic cats but discriminate against fat people

This looks like the series of shelters were contructed on top of an insulated pipeline ...
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Series of cat shelters built on top of pipeline

Series of cat shelters in snow built on top of pipeline (video)

Not much to say here except that the RSPCA seem to be perpetually in trouble ...
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RSPCA would not rescue this cat when he was threatened by a man

RSPCA failed to come out after man threatened to kill stray cat

I am not referring to my cat but a statement made by people using the ...
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Cat grabs human food

My cat always wants to eat my food

For American who don't live with a cat (and even those who do), one of ...
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Cat wandering outside

Proposed local law to deal with domestic cats pooping in neighbor’s backyard

As a concerned cat owner, have you heard of feline foamy virus (FFV or FeFV)? ...
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FFV affects pumas and domestic cats

Feline Foamy Virus (FeFV) – high levels across the USA

Dr Christina Lin, writes of a massive homeless crisis and infectious disease threat in California ...
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Homeless people encampement LA

Should California learn the lesson of the London plague of 1665?

There is another report in the news about a study suggesting that an exposure to ...
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household sprays can cause asthma in kids. What about cats and dogs?

Cleaning products linked to children’s asthma but what about cats and dogs?