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NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENTS): Joe Exotic is back in the news again. You can't keep ...
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Joe Exotic

Tiger King, Joe Exotic, could be pardoned by outgoing President Trump

This is the headline: We adopted a second cat from a hoarding situation. It ...
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Two cats love each other

The Holy Grail of multi-cat homes

Yes, you can teach a domestic cat sign language. You can teach a cat almost ...
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Using sign language to communicate with your cat

Can you teach a cat sign language?

It is legal to own and possess a serval in Georgia provided you have the ...
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Serval cub with huge ears for sound hunting of rodents in long grass in Africa

Are servals legal in Georgia?

Servals are legal in Arizona if you have a permit. The permit (license) is restrictive ...
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Martin Stucki and tame serval

Are servals legal in Arizona?

Servals are not legal in Colorado, a pet-loving state. Before I explain why this is ...
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Lanky serval

Are servals legal in Colorado?

I can see the connection as anybody else can. The question has been prompted by ...
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Sphynx and Sphinx

Are Sphynx cats from Egypt?

NEWS AND COMMENT: Although Maryam al-Balushi finds cats and dogs more faithful than humans and ...
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Maryam al-Balushi in her home surrounded by rescue cats

Omani woman looks after 500 cats

COMMENT: The story is not what it looks like in the title. But it is ...
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Brown and Du Toit at Hampton Court

The Queen of England evicts two cats from Royal Apartment

NEAR EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA - NEWS (COMMENT): CTV NEWS (and this story is unique) reports ...
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One of the rescued Sphynx cats looking okay thankfully

20 Sphynx cats rescued

No, Sphynx cats are not hypoallergenic. Sphynx cats are like any other domestic cat in ...
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Sphynx cats can have oily skin which smells unless bathed regularly

Are Sphynx cats hypoallergenic?

Americans deserve a bit of fun. We all do. It's a time for optimism and ...
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Cat looking like a cooked turkey

Being curmudgeonly at Thanksgiving 2020

A cat is innocently playing with the family dog. Everything is perfect except the cat ...
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Tail catches fire because of the candle

Candle sets alight cat’s tail while playing with family dog

Eumelanin is a pigment in domestic cats and other animals (and humans). It is often ...
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Melanin granules in a hair shaft

What is eumelanin in cats?

Introduction I have to make an initial point about colour reproduction. When it comes to ...
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Fawn Abyssinian cat

What is fawn colour in cats?

A research study by the scientists of Cornell Wildlife Health Center, in association with others ...
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Amur tiger

Vaccinating Siberian tigers against canine distemper virus

Tigers's have stripes for camouflage to allow them to approach prey animals as closely as ...
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Tiger stripes

Why do tigers have stripes?

The tiger attacks color-blind animals The main reason why tigers are orange and not green ...
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Tiger camouflage

Why are tigers orange and not green?

Not a lot of use How do I know my cat has a temperature? I ...
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Pet digital thermometer

How do I know my cat has a temperature?

I was reminded today that a cat guardian can inadvertently set up, through routines, unhelpful ...
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Cat expectation

Routines can set up unhelpful domestic cat habits

This is an interesting but difficult topic. Are there signs that your cat wants a ...
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Cat friends

Signs that your cat wants another cat?

Marijuana is also known as cannabis, weed, pot, dope or grass. The best way to ...
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Is smoking marijuana around your cat harmful to your cat?

Can smoking marijuana around my cat cause her harm?