Domestic cats need sunlight. Here’s why.

Domestic cats need sunlight

What happens when cats stop going outside? There is a strong trend towards full-time indoor cats. It is understandable but the thinking behind it has not encompassed all the ramifications for domestic cat health. Here is another: the production of serotonin and control of circadian rhythms. I have mentioned boredom and obesity due to …

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After cat bite, woman sues sister for $300,000

Cat bite

NEWS AND COMMENT: I feel that I need to comment on this story because immediately, in the first few paragraphs, I can see a problem with it. The report comes from the Independent newspaper. It tells us that a woman in Michigan, USA is suing her sister because her sister’s cat bit her on …

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4 reasons why cats join owners under bed covers

Domestic cats like to go under the bed covers for four reasons depending on the individual cat and their mood

I can think of at least four good reasons why domestic cats sometimes – depending on the cat and their mood – love to slither under the duvet while their caregiver is in bed. This is perhaps most likely to happen in the early hours of the morning for an indoor/outdoor cat who’s been …

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Ukrainians march with pets to freedom via only means of escape

Ukrainian woman refugee fleeing Ukraine on this occasion into Poland with her two cats and dog

Currently, the only means of escape for Ukrainians trapped in the Russian-controlled east and south of Ukraine is through a northern crossing on the Ukraine-Russian border called the Kolotilovka Pokrovka checkpoint. It’s near the town of Sumy. This means that they have to travel huge distances from the south of Ukraine in Russian-controlled territory …

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