Helmi Flick

Helmi Flick Helmi Flick went through quite a dramatic “career change” some 7 years ago, when as an an administrator (who loved cats) for some 30 years, she became a cat photographer. You know, it takes a bit of courage to make that step. But we all owe it to ourselves if we can. …

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Frans Koppelaar Tom Cat

This is Frans Koppelaar’s painting Tom Cat. It was painted in 2005 and is an oil on canvas size 25 x 30 cm. Permission has been granted from Frans Koppelaar to use the picture under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. So what do I know about Frans Koppelaar and this cat painting? On …

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F1 Savannah Kitten Prince

In this video I introduce Prince, a beautiful, high quality (in every way) F1 Savannah kitten. He is princely in appearance. I wanted to show you a baby F1 Savannah because you may well have seen the famous adult F1s, Magic and Titan. Below the video is a description by Kathrin Stucki who with …

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