Mother cat and four baby kittens rescued from underneath an escalator in underground London

mom and kittens

A mother cat and four baby kittens living underneath an escalator at Moorgate Tube Station in underground London have been safely rescued. The little family would have been killed if the escalator had been in operation. When workers renovating the station in Underground London found the little family they quickly called in animal rescuers …

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New baby: tips to prevent your cat becoming stressed and peeing inappropriately

Cats meet baby for first time

Using Google search, I can tell that a lot of women who are cat guardians have a problem with their cat having introduced a baby to the household. Their resident companion animal becomes stressed and demonstrates it through peeing everywhere, becoming depressed and perhaps not eating as before. Prepare The problem originates in how …

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Foster cat from a New York shelter saves baby and gets a forever home

Rescue cat good ending

Your feel-good story this week comes out of the New Springfield community in Staten Island, New York, where an unwanted shelter cat who was being fostered has proven his worth by saving a life. Because of his good deed, this former death row kitty has found his forever home. According to Janine DeMartini, Herbie, …

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Return my emotional support alligator (ESA) and make it snappy pleads his ‘dad’

Wally the emotional support alligator being kissed by Joie Henney. The alligator called Wally was stolen and subsequently trapped and released into the wild.

Pennsylvania, USA: Wally, a 5.5 foot long, 8-year-old alligator was classified as an emotional support animal (ESA) albeit a very unusual ESA. Any animal can be an ESA but they have to be domesticated in order to get along in public places and when meeting people. Wally was domesticated and he has behaved impeccable …

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Create a pet-friendly workplace to help get Millennials and Gen Zs back to work

Employee enjoying the presence of his dog at work at his employer's workplace

In the UK, there’s a long-running story about Gen Zs, Millenials (and others) being unable to work (the sick note culture – see below). Overall, 4.2 million working-age adults (10.2%) in the UK now get health related benefits, up from 3.2 million (7.9%) in 2019. The number of people on disability benefit has increased dramatically …

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