Holidaymakers should protest against Cyprus’s animal cruelty by not visiting

Too many feral cats in Cyprus and far too much animal cruelty of various kinds including the poisoning of kittens, cats and dogs

I’ve just visited a holiday forum on the Internet. One resident said that if you are making your first visit to Cyprus “you should be warned that animal cruelty is prevalent here”. They said that it was the “one thing I hate most about living in Cyprus after 10+ years and it doesn’t get …

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Fact Check on “horror antibiotic-resistant superbugs” jumping from pets to people

Zoonoses are being exaggerated by the news media for clickbait

The purpose of this article is to ‘fact check’ or put some sensible reality into what I would consider to be sensationalist headlines in the news media about a study (which I can’t find sadly on the Internet) which according to the news media states that antibiotic-resistant superbugs are jumping from cats and dogs …

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Energetic cleaning routine for caretaker of 6 cats to remove smells

Cleaning routine for a 6 cat home requires energy to keep the smells down

Well, folks, for those who fancy living in a home with multiple cats, this cleaning routine from a lady who I believe lives in the UK living with six cats, may help. It may help in providing a reality check on the energy and commitment needed to manage the home properly. And it only …

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Clay mining company’s stock doubles as American millennials choose pets over parenthood

American millennials with their pet cat and dogs rather than a child

Why should the shares of a clay mining company, Oil-Dri Corp, rise impressively year-on-year because millennials chose pets over parenthood? Because of the greatly increased demand for clay-based cat litter to accommodate the increased number of pets living in America’s homes. This article looks at the trend of millennials (born 1981-1996, 28-43 years old) …

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21 human sexualities and gender identities listed. The male tortoiseshell might understand.

Flags of the spectrum of sexualities and gender identities

Of course, cats don’t recognise the 21 different sexualities and gender identities that appear to be accepted nowadays. It is a different world to the way it was 10 years ago. I fully accept these identities and sexualities. I’ve always believed that there is a spectrum of feelings about one’s sexuality and gender. Although …

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Monumental rescue effort saving cats and dogs destined for China’s meat markets

Jeffrey Beri of No Dogs Left Behind poses with a rescued golden retriever that will taste freedom for the first time

Like others I expect, I am immensely impressed by the monumental effort of Jeffrey Beri and his team at the New York-based No Dogs Left Behind charity in rescuing dozens of cats and dogs in China where they were destined to be brutally tortured, then eaten. They were flown from China to New York. …

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Price, size and glamour of Savannah cat often depends on their filial

F6 Savannah cat compared to F1

I recently reported on a current news media story about the popularity of the Savannah cat in the UK. Pets4Homes say that from their online adoption data that the Savannah cat is Britain’s third most popular cat breed. And The Times newspaper, which reported on this say that kittens can sell for up to …

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