So….how big of a veterinary clinic bill did your outside cat run up when he came home injured?

This article is part news and part discussion on how large a veterinary clinic bill your outside cat ran up when he came home injured. Be sure to read this story by as a woman shares her experience when her cat disappeared and she was afraid it was taken by the Croydon cat …

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Cats killed and injured in Brighton: 2 cats dead and another 5 injured after being stabbed

This article is a follow-up to the Croydon cat killings which have occurred for more than three years in Southeast London. Michael (PoC) has covered the killings extensively and those articles can be found here. Since September 2018 two cats have died after being stabbed and another five were attacked in Brighton. Not only …

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The Emotional Hurt a Child Can Suffer on the Death of the Family Cat

Kiki a young cat killed by a serial cat killer

An eight-year-old boy collapsed and was taken to a hospital such was the emotional shock to him when he discovered that his eight-month-old kitten companion, Kiki, had been brutally murdered and beheaded by the cat killer known as the “Croydon Cat Killer”. The Croydon Cat Killer has been in the news regularly for months …

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Is it possible to be turned on sexually by violence against cats?

Croydon cat killer map

This is the proposition: the serial cat killer operating in and around London gets sexual kicks from killing cats using blunt force trauma and then (a) decapitating them (b) removing the paws or (c) removing the tail or (c) cutting the cat in half. The cuts are described as surgical. It seems that the …

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