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Pain Management For Declawed Cats — 2 Comments

  1. are all of you guys retarded I just had my kitten declawed [whom I love very much]and I can tell she is in great pain but it was either that or get rid of her cause I am going to have a new born baby in june and 40 days of pain seems like a small price to pay for a lifetime of love not to talk about food and housing.i to have sufferd in my life I got 3rd degree burns on 82 percent of my body and I didn’t get anything for that oh yeah did I forget I just broke my back about a mth ago and I got sent home with NO pain med either I guess what im trying to say here is id rather have my pinky toes and all my toenails ripped out and just sent HOME rather then just get threw out in the cold or sit in a cage at the pound waiting to die think about both sides before you judge me for having her declawed im not trying to offend anybody here and I can tell it sucks right now for her but beleave me in 40 short days shell be just as happy as she ever was

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