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  1. Michael, is there a way to test the western union with few dollars before sening bigger amount? Ruth, can we maybe approach Paw Project with this to see if one of the vets can help teach or somehow teach and certify him? This has tugged on me all day. Michael, you were able to help Mollie Ann and now that I’m working a part time job, I’m saving to have my other declawed girls paws xrayed. Hers are worse as I’ve already sent one paw pad picture to Dr. Doub, but I also was the one who gave the okay to have it done 11 years ago.my eyes will never rest until every cat in the world no longer fears life!

  2. Hello Ahsan ul Haq,

    I run a cat rescue in Windsor, Ontario, Canada called Cat Advocacy and Rescue Association – CARA. I would like to be a resource for any questions you may have with the cats that you care for. You can message me any time on my Facebook page and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability or I will seek help from my vet. I have almost 10 years of experience rescuing cats and kittens and have seen most of the diseases which are common to cats.

    Please be careful with the information that you find online because much of it is misleading and some of it is simply bad advice.

    If you have a Skype account I can give you Skype contact so we can connect much easier.

    Best Regards,

    Barb Sparkes

  3. This is such a sad story. I have great difficulty in finding the words to say how sorry I am for your struggle Ashan and how I admire you for the good work you do.
    It’s heart breaking that cats and kittens have such a hard life and are killed by cruel people, we had no idea here in England of the reality of this going on in your country.
    It must be dreadful to have no access to a vet for neutering the cats and for caring for the ill ones.
    I think we should share this article far and wide and hope some compassionate young vet might see it and offer help. You do need to be shown practically how to give injections and perform surgery and of course you need to be able to get anaesthetic and medication. I don’t think can happen without a vet’s backing.
    You can only do your best and you really are doing a good job.
    Take care and God bless you

  4. Hi, Mr. ul Haq:

    You have such a good, kindly face, I sat looking at it for half an hour. Your beloved cats are beautiful too – especially little ‘Pinky’ and ‘Tumtum.’ You’re a two-legged heart, is what you are.

    Unfortunately, it’s probably impossible to learn to become a veterinarian online, since (that is, over here) veterinary students have to study anatomy and physiology, dissection and hundreds of diseases and injuries. They also have to learn surgery – to put into practice their textbook learning. It’s a four-year program in the U.S., and the learning these skills means you must have access to thousands of dollars of surgical instruments and medical supplies, an operating table and an x-ray machine–everything you’d see in a veterinary clinic.

    You say the nearest clinic is always CLOSED. By this you may mean they’ve gone out of business, or have a small clientele and are open only on certain days.

    Have you ever considered posting your essay, above, on Facebook? People who read it – who care about cats as much as you do – might be willing to help fund your effort.

    Neutering is a less complex procedure – and thus less expensive – than spaying. But would it help prevent kittens? Not if other male cats in your neighborhood came around. Scientists are working to develop an injectable contraceptive that makes cats unable to reproduce for a long period of time – but it’s not yet available.

    Meanwhile, your colony needs to be sterilized, or you’ll be overwhelmed by dozens of kittens. Again, could you ask FB for assistance? Whatever the monetary exchange rate is between countries, many people might respond.

    You might also help your endeavor if you kept readers informed of your work in caring for your cats. Updates from you could keep them involved in your efforts.

    By the way, there are online VETERINARY ASSISTANT programs, as you may know, but you’d want to thoroughly check them out before you enrolled in a program of studies.

    Whether Pakistani vets would agree to this or not, in the U.S. – in the rural area where I live in Washington state – several of my friends have large numbers of cats to keep down the rodents in their horse barns. And once their vets have neutered and spayed the cats – in other words, once these clients have brought some business to the vets’ doors – the vets have been willing to provide these clients with a few basic medicines and hypodermics (vaccines, etc.), showing them how to treat their own cats. They explained to the vets that they had too many cats to afford to bring them to the clinic too often, so the vets agreed to teach them how to diagnose a few basic problems, and give the cats pills and injections.

    You’re a kindhearted man.

    Best of luck in your endeavor.

    • Well said Sylvia Ann. I wondered whether he could learn some basic skills such as injections and basis diagnosis and even perhaps neutering male cats. Neutuering male cats seems to be a relatively simple operation with little recovery required. That would at least allow Ahsan to improve cat welfare where he is.

      The difficulty is getting a vet to teach him that stuff as there are no online courses for basic skills. There are vet tech online courses but there has to be some hands-on somewhere in the course. It can’t all be done online.

      • Here are some instructional guides:

        Giving a cat an injection

        Symptom Checker to help diagnose

        I’m sure there are some instructional guides somewhere about how to neuter a cat, but I don’t particularly think it is a good idea to do it unless there are no other options. Farmers castrate their livestock sometimes in very rural areas. However, neutering a cat is still considered a surgical procedure and requires licensure to do it here. That may not be the case in Pakistan though.

            • I have offered some financial support but he doesn’t want it. He wants to be able to learn about cat health and treating cats because veterinary services are poor in Pakistan. I am not sure how we can help him to be honest except for going over there!

              • Michael! I can accept financial support but I have told every one(also here) that if there is no any systematic procedure of the AUDIT/ scrutiny of the money sent by anyone, So, I will be blamed. I need a solid system before accepting such kind of welfare for cats money.

                Can anyone guide me how it can be possible to transparent the procedure????????????? 🙁 because my cats need financial and security support plus food, shelter, products.

                On one hand I can make the woodwork with my own hand because I have learnt it from my school time in Copenhagen, Denmark. That is not an issue and I can spare money through doing it my own and save labor charges.

                I can share the updates through videos and photos. But I have a bank account, no paypal works here, I have no western union account. please guide me how it can be possible so that I can tackle the cats and their welfare money with sincerity and honesty. So, no one blame on me. 🙁

                please tell me and I will share the estimate to you all friends right away.

                Otherwise, please oh British troops, land on my roof and take the system 😉 (just kidding with Michael my friend)

              • No Michael
                I mean that there are many people who ask for money in the name of cat welfare projects but that money is spent on their own and cats get nothing benefit out of that. They are blamed because they have to maintain a genuine record for the MONEY SPENT on such welfare.

                I can suggest only small projects of cat welfare with passage of time and make them finished, share the photos and videos here.

                I have number one priority for LAILA (my kitten) so one cage for her is my requirement that she may be protected forever.

                I will share my Step one plan with you Michael, with a graph picture, how I want the cage should be. And make a survey or the material required. Then if you all can share, I will accept but first of all I need a market survey, please.

                And at last I will say that I hell not care what people say about me or my cats here, I just work with these tiny friends boldly. 🙂

              • Michael,

                I know it is obvious we will place no blame on him. We have seen his heart through these wonderful pictures. Is there any vet in the entire world who would be willing to go over and teach him what he needs to know?? He needs this money for his cat and future kitties.

                Is there any way for you to set up a Western Union account in his name, giving him complete authority to retrieve the money??

  5. This was the first day of these beautiful tiny creatures of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala at my rescue shelter. They were happy, they were silent after feed, they slept with each other a sweet dream as they were feeling themselves in heaven/paradise. I was sitting beside them smiling and making so many dreams in my inner heart. looking forward to their future and just dreaming myself with them.
    <3 <3 <3
    will share you more about them in next episode, thank you for reading and watching the photos <3

    • Hi Ahsan! I see you have added pictures since I was last here!!! Those babies are precious and so very lucky to have you. I hope you have enough money to feed them and to continue on this quest to get education so you can help the population to not grow! You are in my thoughts and prayers!! I saw you are a friend of Kylee’s on FaceBook. She is my friend so feel free to send me a request.

  6. SAJID just got a piece of fish in his mouth and ran away to his small home yard and eating happily with full concentration

  7. This little fellow is shy one, his name is TUMTUM and he is much often a behind standing soldier but when I called him for TONA FISH, Yeaaah ! He is active

  8. This is the second one, We have named her PUMY. She loves heights and often sit on my shoulders and neck. Well! she is active and very much friendly. Specially with me

    • You are loved by your cats. I think you are well known in the area as a cat lover. It seems that way. You are admired by me and I am sure by other people who have visited this page. It is great to see cats being cared for like this.

  9. This kitten directly moved in my legs and sat on them when I was sitting on the ground. We all named him our favorite name SAJID.

  10. This is the story album of 3 weeks old litter of kittens who had no mother to care and I decided to become their caretaker until they are willing to be settled with me ♥ . I bath them with antiseptic and cleaned them totally, then I settled them in tinny homes. I gave then a place to live peacefully and now feeding them their own cat food which is suitable for kittens. I handle them according to the instructions of american agency Allycat allies. I have read 130 PDFs about feral cats therefore I am fully equiped with the knowledge of these babies requirements. Here I want to clear one statement regarding those animal rights who are followed by our holly prophet S.A.W. and specially by companions of the prophet. They were very humane not only with humans but also with animals. So I am following them , and not following today’s muslim’s ideologies. I salute arabs who are true followers because ISLAM was actually truly understood by them. It appeared in arabs and will shrink to arabs. I am lucky one that I am reliving the sunnah of SAHABAAs (companions ) of prophet S.A.W. and hopefully get the return back from Allaah Subhanahu wa ta’alah equal to 100 martyrs according to the saying of the prophet.

    • Ahsan, your story is heartbreaking.
      Please accept Michael’s offer of $50.
      I can’t stand the thought of you not having a safe place for a second longer than necessary.

  11. Hi Michael and other readers!
    Here I want to start my (sad/ happy mixed) story about a latest rescued 4 abandon kittens. It happened on 19th of July, 2014.

    When I received them, they were only three weeks old and very dehydrated, very hungry, very loudy, and their mother was PINKY (My kitty cat) whodid not feed them.

    At the very birth, they were 6 in all. but two kittens died in the wild with hunger. No body cared for them. I had no knowledge about them as PINKY was a free roaming cat and I have never caged any of my sweet darlings before this sad event which I am gonna share with you you friends.

    I have a belief that if I been a human, love to live a free man life, why don’t I let these tiny creatures of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala live their full free life???

    But no! NO NO NO
    after this heart and spirit demolishing events, I have changed all my freedom theory about these babies. No! I am responsibble, if something happens to them. Its me Allah will ask, not Michael, nor others of my surroundings. Only me, and me and me. Yes ! I have to be very carefull from next time so that no accident/ incident like this happens again. 🙁

    Here I am with my story. And I am sad 🙁

    • I love your photos and stories. I think what you are saying is that you need to be responsible for these cats but with that responsibility there is a burden on you. You take up the burden of others. If everyone was responsible and cared for these cats the burden would be shared and be much lighter. And you would not be sad anymore.

      • What I mean is that my 3 kittens are killed because of my thinking.
        That as I live as a free man, why should I cage these tiny creatures of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala? But it prooved WRONG.
        I have decided to cage them now in a big cage so that they can move freely within the cage area and jump on the cat tree.
        I am waiting for the finances as it all costs to me Rs. 5000 that is equal to $50 (dollars). I am a jobless person and teach at home ENGLISH as subject. My earning is very limited out of which I spend 33% on Ferals and the rest to my wife , me and three daughters.
        My wife often get severe ANGRY with me but my daughters are co-operative, and I won’t stop doing welfare with cats as it is the good deed of companions of the prophet SAW as well as himself.
        This is a short time waiting process of three or four months for me but I will make a cage with my own hands.
        Here is the ex-Cathouse which I made for these four babies with my own hands and it costed me Rs. 780 equal to $7.80.
        here is the pic, please see <3 🙂

          • Ahsan ul Haq, what you are doing is a gift to all those tiny creatures who walk through your life and are touched by your hand. I hope you are able to find an online course to get a vet certificate. I don’t know of any help, but Cal, above, provided a great resource.

          • Dear Michael
            Thousand thanks for the offer and help, The truth is, that I have never asked for any MONEY help to anyone before and never will. Thank you so much, Your moral support is much enough for me. Thanks a lot.

            I am set asiding the money every month and my last kitten is in my room. She plays, eats, jumps here and there and most oftenly she just lay down with me in my bed. I am protecting her like parents and insha Allah she will become as beautiful and big cat as her mom PINKY insha Alaah ameen

            we don’t have any PAYPAL in Pakistan. only Western union money transfer. I have a bank account but it is empty. So if you will send me Rs. 5000, I will not be able to withdraw the amount because it is the least limit to stand in account of any individual here in Pakistan’s banks.

            Again I request you, I don’t want money. Money is not concerned to me but I want to know the drugs about kittens. specially SHOTS.

            What are the names of SHOTS?
            How to give shots (injections of life protection) to kittens?
            What is a baby food recipe of a kitten from 2 to 8 weeks?
            What if we here have no KMR? What baby formula or let me tell you that goat milk is very rare in cities and much costly.

            please guide??? Thousand thanks. Let us share some basic knowledge about kittens so that a man living in stonejungle like me may protect these animals/pets/beautiful life partners.

            Thank you Michael again thanks a lot for the moral support. Love you as a cat lover <3 <3 <3

  12. My heart goes out to you and your beloved ferals. What a beautiful expression of your love to all life <3

    "The basic is that why do we human beings hate any animal who needs us and saying even not a word and disturbing even not a second of our private lives." -Ahsan ul Haq

    I hope that you are able to find the training that you need, and the funds to travel with them to Lahore or Karachi insha Allah, ameen.

    It may help to contact Dr. Bruce G. Kornreich , Associate Director for Education and Outreach, and renowned feline cardiologist, @ Cornell Feline Health Center. Cornell Feline Health Center contact info:

    235 Hungerford Hill Road
    Ithaca, New York, 14853
    Phone: 607-253-3414
    Fax: 607-253-3419


    They may forward to him God willing, amen.

    Perhaps Michael might be able to forward your above writing and photos to Cornell Feline Health Center, in care of Dr. Kornreich?

    Thank you for doing what you do–this is a beautiful article, and your adopted cats are beautiful, indeed 🙂

    • Hi Cal. I love what Ahsan is doing. He has a great love for these cats. I admire him a lot and am pleased he agreed to write some more. It is rare to hear from Pakistan.

      Ahsan’s love of cats leaps from the page. It must hard to be a cat lover in Pakistan compared to say the UK because all around people are generally less concerned about cats and the county is less wealthy. And no veterinary service nearby and the ones further away are prohibitively expensive.

      • Wow Every- time I read this I get such good Vibes. It would be good if we could give him a Donation or something. You’ve got such a big heart. Reading about how you care for these Ferrel’s in a place not well known is amazing.

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