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Pakistan: Bottle Feeding Feral Kitten — 21 Comments

  1. She is a little darling and clearly loves you I adore that photo of you with her she looks so contented.

    I wish there were more people like you in Pakistan Ahsan why can’t people just live and let live? If you don’t like cats then fine just leave them alone!

  2. Laila is just a bundle of love.
    So darling.
    I agree. Let her be a baby and bottle fed as long as she wants. Or, until she slaps that bottle across the floor like my son did.

    • Thank you DEE
      It is what I am up to, let her be a baby until she wishes as her MOM PINKY is still acting like a baby with me and she want me to pet her and some time bottle feed 😉

      • It’s just the best isn’t it Ahsan?
        I have some 2 year olds that still want to be treated as babies. Damon wants me to carry him around for hours in a day while he clings and suckles on my shoulder.
        Whatever they want…

        • DEE It is my lifetime observation that this kind of behavior seen in an elderly kitten is due to lack of the company of MOM. Some times you will observe that kittens start to climb on you or sometime they dig something within you, your feet, your chest.

          This is the orphan age missing time of their beloved MOM. They want it back. Any how what that is but I just am really happy because this makes my time a fully consumed/contented so that I will remember in my old age that I had some kittens that loved me as a father/ mother/ caretaker and always DEE, these cats remembers me as how I dealt them.

          An Example:

          The KING SAJID BROWN TABBY FERAL HORRIFIC BEHAVIOR CAT which I rescued and had him as a kitten, and still no body can come near him and he himself avoid everyone, even KHADIJA.

          I go near him or call him with special baby tone SSAAAAAJIDDD! he runs to me and force me to pet him at each side of his body otherwise, you just look into his eyes, and he will jump on you with claws, teeth wide spread mouth. and so Cling clang clong gggGGGrRrRR

          Everyone in the street looks at me with him as we are someone from MARS 🙁 but they never tried to understand what my SAJID misses so much. This is what I say, live with them and let them live.

          LOVE can conquer every-thing. We don’t need an army for this. We don’t need any weapon for that. Just LOVE & CARE is the SECRET <3 🙂 and yes it is wonderful wit all my cats and kittens <3

  3. I feel proud the way you care for the cats. You have a big heart. Laila was fortunate to have found you. Keep up the good work. You made my day. Thank you.

    • She is much calm kitten, She will allow me to stop the bottle feeding, I will. Otherwise I am happy with this Michael, its her own choice and I never force her to do it. Let it be her own love sharing method or perhaps that love of early kitten-hood continues . . . same as her mom PINKY who still needs my attention as she was a kitten otherwise she is angry with me if I don’t pet her, kiss her cheeks, thats in the DNA of her children maybe 🙂

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