Pakistan: Feeding My Family of Feral Cats

I have made these two videos for in which I am feeding my feral colony in front of my main gate, as I am suffering from severe pain of kidney stone, and I could not visit the colony for several days due to admission in the hospital. Here they are:

Note from Michael October 20, 2021: this is around seven years after the original post was up loaded this website. I feel compelled to tell you that this Pakistani man, Ahsan Ulhaq, is unscrupulous and immoral. He told me that he would build a feral cat enclosure to keep his cats safe. I agreed to send him some money. With some difficulty I sent £100 to him and he did not use it to build the cat enclosure. That was quite a lot of money in Pakistan. I knew what I was doing. I wanted to be generous. He abused my generosity. The world should know that. He no longer contributes to the website. He won’t contribute to the website in future. This is a shame because it is nice to hear from somebody living in Pakistan and dealing with cats in a country which is entirely different to a developed country in Europe or North America. But that’s it. I can’t do business with somebody who is untrustworthy.


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  1. Ahsan ul Haq,
    It is unfortunate to hear you say people hate you. You appear to be doing an amazing job in caring for the unwanted cats in your area. You obviously have a big heart, you are a good person. The world could use thousands more like you.
    I’ve been in touch with a researcher working with endangered felines in the middle east and I am so happy to hear about his success in educating people in the attempt to prevent illegal poaching and capture of the desert dwelling felines, his attempt to help protect them from extinction.
    I’ve heard some wild cats are still being sold illegally in the souk markets which is very disheartening.

    • Salam Ahsan Uncle. I hope you are well and that you recovered ok from the hospital visit. May Allah SWT bless you infinitely for your compassion and insight regarding these creatures.


  2. Assalamu alaikum dear Ahsan,
    Salaams from USA. I, too, am originally from Pakistan, and now in my home am the proud carer for 8 beautiful stray cats, who live with me. They are all black or black-and-white, as these are the ones most overlooked for adoption.
    It is sadly true, how unkind folk from our homeland are towards Allah’s most beautiful of creatures; here in USA, not just in our mother country.
    My relatives cannot understand why I do this, but the need is great, and the plight heartbreaking for cats without a safe and loving home.
    Our beloved prophet was a cat-lover himself, and we are extorted to be kind to all animals by our Creator.
    A fact forgotten by our community.
    Caring for my cat family brings me peace and much happiness.

  3. Ahsan,Thank you for video.You home is very elegant.You are such a kind man to help the ferals.I hope you feel better soon too.

    • Thank you so much NANCY 🙂

      Its my mission to do welfare for these friends who have non of us here in this land. Pakistan is not cruel country, We can not blame any land like Israel to be cruel but the attitude of people may have been cruel. I love my land and I avoid people of Pakistan as they are ignorant till their ENDS. 🙁

      Therefore western people are always quick friends of mine and I adore what they do. I never speak against them because they are much civilized than us and the basic is the literacy rate and manners of their culture. This makes a quality culture which with sorry, we need 200 more years to achieve if we start today. 🙁

      I am here for my cats and will be till my last breath 😀 Insha Allah (If Allah’s will). <3 <3 <3

  4. I will parrot Michael’s comments… It is very interesting to see what other Civilizations, and their people, do when it comes to feral cats. I know that in most of Western Civilization feral cats are considered a nuisance, is it the same where you live in Pakistan? What problems do they cause and what are the “typical solutions”?

    I hope you feel better from the kidney stone pain; I know it all too well myself. I thought I was going to die the first time I passed one…literally, thought I was going to die…lol. I can laugh at it now….but *any* stomach pain, makes me pay real close attention to other potential preliminary symptoms….ugh. Good Luck!

  5. Loved the videos. They give me a real feel for what it is like in Pakistan. It is a different world of course to the West and it is very instructive to see these videos. Thank for taking the time to make them.

    • Thank you Michael
      As I promised you that I am with my mission of “WELFARE OF CATS” and until I win it, I will carry on my research and love these unwanted friends. I know people hate me here and call me a dirty man involved with these tiny fellows but they are creatures of Allah almighty and I will carry on my mission until I am passed away. Insha Allah, ameen. May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala give me strength for this ameen <3

      I will share more videos and some small documentaries sooner or later 😉

      • Ahsan, you are the most educated and the most intelligent and enlightened person with respect to cats in Islamabad 😉 . There is no one more concerned and more gentle and more kind towards cats than you in this very large city. I know that you don’t care what people say about you and you are right because you are doing the right thing. We admire you for it.

        • Thank you so much Michael <3
          God bless you ameen. Actually I am facing swelling in my entire body due to medication of kidney, and still in pain. Even I can not walk properly, it is difficult to stand on feet for me but I personally came down for them because I knew they were looking for me. I sat at the left side bench and Pinky just rubbed her head into my effected kidney and then she began to cry. She was really weeping and I got her into my arms. She just put OFF my NIKE cap from my head with her soft paws and started suckling my face . I could feel her tears and I myself started to weep with her. Alas Khadija could take the video but she went inside for more food as there came Black Beauty no.1 and TUM TUM, KHOLA, too.

          I have felt a strange feeling about these friends first time in my pain that they have the instinct to understand that I am in pain or what?

          Who will believe me? but a scholar of cats and kittens like you Michael, perhaps can elaborate on this topic if cats can realize that their caretaker is sick or in pain???

          I don't know because I am only researching on the ground realities and not just reading theoretically in books or articles, though books and articles are also helpful for me 🙂


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