Pakistan: I am sensitive about feral cats but others are not

Rescued feral cat in Pakistan
Laila, rescued feral cat by Ahsan
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Many cat owners are sensitive people but every cat owner is not a sensitive person. I have observed that there are so many cat owners in the world who only need a cat because they have no cat at home. And I am typically talking about this issue in my essays regarding Pakistan’s cat owners. I have no idea about the cat owners of the West or other Eastern countries.

Every day I go out (if I am not sick), me and my wife, together. We ride on bikes or just have a long walk. We observe the feral cats. Feral cats are considered the left-over of a chicken roast plate. As we have a dinner of roast chicken, the meat is eaten by us and the bones are left of no use. I feel that the feral cats are treated in the same way as we treat our left-over meals. A part of garbage for the bin.

No one is serious about feeding them, to provide a small area (shelter) to them and to provide, at least, water to them. But when it comes to have a goat, cow or hen, everyone wishes to have more than one. But cats are never thought to be as pets. Especially, to adopt a feral cat is considered to be the dirtiest job in the culture of Pakistan.

We as Pakistanis (I am not talking about Moslems) think in the same way about dogs. We have our own conceptions about cats and dogs which are not related to Islam. These theories are self made or maybe cultural orthodox myths or fairy tales told to us by our ancestors.

Pakistan is a rich country but it is kept poor intentionally by the politicians and other policy makers. The country never announced any welfare aspects about cats and dogs. It is the same as (or indeed worse than) Australia. We don’t want cats in the streets or free roaming outside in our backyards or front lawns. We just harm them, kill them, poison them or just beat them.

The basic reason is, that we don’t want them. The rich get a cat or two and they also have dogs as pets but the middle class; we have never heard of them with a cat or dog. Most people will think that the middle class of Pakistan is poor. No, not at all. This class is also richer than any simple jobless person in Pakistan. You can estimate the richness through this fact that a family of six (father, mother, four children) can survive within a budget of 45,000 rupees a month and a middle class earning person earns more than 70,000 rupees a month (684 USD). I don’t know how they do it? But this is a true figure estimate which I am sharing with this article of mine.

I myself have started to do teaching for 2 months to meet the needs of my feral colony which has shrunk to 16 cats now and the kittens have been murdered by the local population devils. I have a plan but it will take time. On thr one hand I have to meet the feeding requirements of my cats and on the other to look after my own family. Still me and Khadija are doing our best to protect the remaining ones and daily I give an hour to make something better for them.

When I closely approach a cat which is unknown to me and the cat comes closer to me, children watch the act very carefully, but what they do is very wrong. They just catch free roaming kittens from somewhere and when the kitten bites or scratches, it is killed by the child, because the child gets angry from the bite or scratch. To do something good is to be appreciated but to become cruel in response is intolerable.

The parents are not willing to let their children have a cat or kitten, even not outside in the terrace or yard. The main reason is not fear of cats but a hatred of cats is the main reason. They believe that a cat is the dirtiest and selfish animal. It will never be socialized or it can never be tamed. The ignorance level is too high in the country that even scholars of Islam here don’t have any pet cats in their living area and they have never preached to people to be gentle with animals.

If you are living in this kind of a society and are one of the feeders or caretakers of these tiny friends, how can you even imagine to be involved in their welfare?

But the welfare goes on … and I will stand for them. Whether the circumstances are good or bad, I will not leave my cats and I am sure one day not all of them but my colony cats will take a good rest and relax in a place on my terrace and we as caretakers will prove this cruel human population that not only us but every one in the world can take such steps to protect the beauty of the nature, if we are willing to do so.

19 thoughts on “Pakistan: I am sensitive about feral cats but others are not”

  1. Ahsan, you deserve a lot of credit for your ability to maintain some sanity with all of the insanity around you.
    I don’t know how you keep your calm and cool. Maybe you internalize your rage. I don’t know.
    I doubt that I would come anywhere near being calm, needless to say, quiet in your same circumstances.

    • I keep my self cool because I am alone and people here look innocents but they are BAST*RDS. I am afraid of my family, not for my self and even not to be hanged after MURDER any cruel. 🙁

      This is my weakness 🙁

      Otherwise a man like me with full combat training and considering every thing as weapon, Just think about RAMBO!!! beyond the imagination a killing machine 🙁

      But a man is man if he controls his anger DEE, My energy goes to help animals and people, It is the positive disposal of my energy, What you say???? 😉

  2. It must be so very hard for a cat lover like you Ahsan, living in Pakistan. I can only imagine the horror of seeing children killing kittens, they need to be educated that all living creatures feel fear and pain and have the right to live.
    What can one man and his family do alone! Only save those cats and kittens one at a time and remember this saying which is so true:
    ‘Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal’
    Author Unknown

    • Ruth I totally echo your sentiments. Ahsan no wonder you are sad I’m sorry but your neighbours appear in comparison to you so uncivilised. When you said that you and your wife sometimes go for a walk or out on your bikes the simplicity of that sounds wonderful in so many things you sound at peace and I just feel that to be completely at peace for you would be a community where the cats weren’t being killed I think that would complete you life and put you completely at peace for you are a man of simple needs and I don’t think you would ask for more would you?

      God bless you Ahsan for all the kind and generosity of spirit you show these cats.

      • I am man of peace Leah, and I have very less needs. I am not a man of greed and that is what I will never be. I am like MAHATMA GOTHAM BUDDHA. When I was young in my age, Islamabad was under the development stages and I used to spent all nights in the jungles alone and used to meditate there.

        Often the local police van used to deliver me at home and my father claimed me in these words:
        “Yes he is my son, but he has become mad, so please if you see him anywhere leave him alone, he is in peace and will harm no one.”

        The police men often used to whisper,” Pray for my promotion! Oh saint of Allah”. Buuuaaaa IGNORANCE IGNORANCE IGNORANCE

        For my self I need nothing, only my mom, dad, wife, daughters around me. Nothing more than that. My mission is cat welfare and for that we as a family are working hard daily and facing the cruelty reports daily.

        You know what, if you will travel to Pakistan, you will see a very rare population of feral cats. So the answer is now not hidden that HOW WE CONTROL THE POPULATION OF OUR FERAL CATS? Is it hidden for you all anymore????? 🙁

    • I have adjusted the issue of living in Pakistan. I am perhaps the last Pakistani who does not wanna leave my land and the rest of them wanna move to west at any cost. But really I love my soil and I am in no greed to travel to the west, yes I will if there is a need for extra knowledge to understand a modern system for the welfare of cats and kittens, otherwise I have adjusted my self here according to the environment and cruel culture. I have made my western world within the borders of my HOME SWEET HOME. My daughters are like your children and have manners like ENGLISH lords n knights. Perhaps one day when any one of you visit to me, you will self observe the whole situation outside my home and within my home.

      My nation is getting education but that education is equal to Bu*l Sh*t. The child of 10th class can even not write an essay in Urdu about his father and in English , that means hell for him 😉

      If I start to teach this nation today, maybe I will become the ancestor of AHSAN the VIIIth and still one of your grand grand child will write an article about a boy of Pakistan’s boy killing a kitten at home. 😉

      Nothing is possible until the religious and parental level change does not occur in this land. I asked a woman who was MASTERS in ISLAM, When did imam Abu Hanifa (one of the greatest sunni creed Imam) was born? and she started shouting at me. She did not know that. So if a master degree holder have no knowledge about what she has gained during the session of her master degree, how can I expect a silly child to be corrected.

      Ruth! every cup must be utilized and every stone needed to be unturned. I am alone 🙁

      • Yes you are alone there apart from your family who think as you do, but never forget that your PoC family are with you in thought and in Spirit and sending you love and strength for your wonderful work.

      • Love your comment. There is a lot of passion and anger at the ignorance around you. I can sympathize. Ignorance is a terrible blight on the planet. Ruth always says, and she is correct, cat welfare is about education.

        • Ofcourse you all ar my friends and I got no one physically here who can understand the love and care aspect of cats.

          I am lucky that I have you all online , even on my facebook. And I tell you that my own relatives are astonished where you all came from 😉

      • You are not alone Ahsan you have your family, your spirituality, beliefs, cats and you have serenity. You also have your Poc family 🙂

  3. Respected brother Rudolph <3

    I never hid truth behind the curtains of lies. I know it is harmful for us to just bark out the truths in these countries like India and Pakistan. I know I am endangering my life through this but I don't care for that because Pakistan is my lovely country and soil, in which I am gonna buried. I hate lies. I just want to see an amended Pakistan as India has improved a lot regarding every aspect of life. Why can't we Pakistanis leave the old historical cruel memories and start with a hard working , positive and struggling effort thinking to improve our country (as a whole).

    Our politicians act like NERO of ROME. The ROME was burning in hell fire and he was sitting on a top of plateau with a flute.

    I hate this really I do. We need change. At least we must realize that we are living in the second millennium.

    So sorry but India is improving day by day and we are at the same road as we were at the partition of sub-continent. BBBbbbuuuuaaaaa.

    Thank you for sharing your kind comments brother, I always wait for your reply. God bless you, ameen <3

    • Well said, Ahsan. I am sure the whole world wants to see Pakistan develop economically and with respect to all the usual services and laws and to stop playing political games with respect to terrorism. I’d like to see a root and branch change and improvement in animal welfare in Pakistan.

  4. Mr Ahsan Ul Haq thanks for giving a insight into average Pakistani living.I have met Pakistani origin Britishers but never ever a Pakistan citizen from Pakistan.Reasons are very obvious to you as a Pakistan citizen and me as a Indian citizen.I was under the impression that cats are very elite pets in Pakistan society as Islam favours cats as pets compared to dogs. In India dogs are more popular as pets since they can be fed on a vegetarian diet as most of the elite wealthy Indian population is vegetarian.In India its now become fashionable to purchase expensive dogs and sadly a few are discarded on the streets by their owners, akin to disposable luxuries.Thanks to “P.O.C” that cultural knowledge is attained as well as the betterment of cats.

  5. There is so much to say. Why is animal welfare neglected by the authorities in Pakistan? It really is time that they proved they have a civilised approach to life. The state of animal welfare law in a country and its enforcement is indicative of the level of sophistication in a society.

    It must be tough for you caring as you do in a place that does not really care.

    • I will write on the political aspects of Pakistan, Michael.

      All my articles will cover the main theme”WELFARE OF CATS (and dogs, too)”

      I am gathering the data. Because it must focus the truth, not as a fire work of new year. 🙁

      Thank you very much for printing my article online and rectifying my mistakes there in.

      I am always in a painful state when I write about 2014s Pakistan. I am never happy. I am always crying upon that.

      Now a days the nation is facing a terrible load shedding of electricity. That is why when I was chatting with you last night, the electricity just gone for 1 and a half hours. I apologize for that.

      Thank you again my respected friend and please take a good care of yourself, at last I may say, HAVE A CAT FOR YOUR OWN HOME FOREVER <3

      • Thanks for your support Ahsan. It is welcome. I do edited (at least read) everyone’s articles. I made a few small changes to yours without changing your style which I like. It is from Pakistan by a Pakistani. That flavour is important. Thank you for writing it.


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