Pakistan: I have another cat mouth to feed!

Our big TUMTUM (Bubby’s son, Bubby his mom was killed by a neighbour’s car), is now a day hungry and left alone by the neighbour who claimed to adopt him.

He is regularly visiting us at noon and morning (2 times a day) and sleeps a lot of time in the corner (he has ever liked from kittenhood) of our terrace. Here are some photos:

Pakistan cat rescue

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Pakistan cat feed by Ahsan ul Haq

Tumtum - Pakistan

Tumtum - Pakistan

Tumtum - Pakistan

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53 thoughts on “Pakistan: I have another cat mouth to feed!”

  1. “He is filthy again at me”
    I’m sorry, Ahsan, not to understand that.
    Do you mean that your neighbor is mad?

    If so, too bad.
    I’m happy that TUMTUM is safe and with you.

  2. Awww…
    TUMTUM has such a sweet face.
    It hurts a lot when we see people who don’t care for the cats that they accepted responsibility for. And, it must be twice the hurt (and anger) to see one of your own that you gave in trust be hungry.
    I’m so sorry, Ahsan.

    1. Thank you for the comments DEE
      He is filthy again at me, I am happy to have him because my daughters were sad after he went to neighbors 😀

      Its a good sign for me <3

  3. Ahsan what a lovely placid Tom cat! Such a shame your neighbour let him down, poor boy but thank God he has you and your lovely family. I love the way your daughter sits with him at his level so patient 🙁 you can tell he’s happy and contented with you bless him. Your home is a cat heaven 🙂
    Do you have a PayPal account email address? I can’t promise how much or when because I don’t have a lot myself but every month I can afford to donate just a little to a different charity.

    1. Thank you Leah! but I think it is better to deliver any kind of donation of cats to Michael so that he can arrange payments when he wishes to 🙂

      Thanks for the comments <3

    1. I am only afraid for LAILA now and she needs a big cage, I have mentioned it to Michael, today I have seen that ugly Bast*rd police man feeding three elders of mine fresh raw meat. and they were eagerly eating from that pan. I am afraid that one day I have to pull their dead bodies from the street. The three which me and my wife saw eating wildly from the pan full of meat aer

      1) PINKY (LAILA’s MOM)
      2) WILD SAJID
      3) KHOLA (Pinky’s aunty I mean her mom’s litter sister)

      I am really stressed now a days and not happy 🙁

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Do you think they might poison the meat one day Ahsan? How truly awful it must be for you worrying about those cats.
        You could do with funds to set up a Rescue Shelter to keep all the cats safe, I wish I had some money to send you to do that.

          1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

            That is so dreadful Ahsan, to entice cats to eat and then add poison one day, I hope Karma catches up with those men!

            1. A few weeks ago, we had least few seeing cats in every street but yesterday when me and my wife drifted on the motor cycle, we saw only 2 cats who were sitting with tail touched to their body and were silently looking here and there(means afraid)

              There is something gone wrong and I know what happened.

              There was not a single feral dog here.
              But now, there are more than 50 full sized feral dogs roaming the streets in group.

              One of my spy girl told me that a truck fully loaded with dogs released them.

              I understand now, what is wrong, can you Ruth???

              1. And I am sure that after some time, when the authorities / public will be satisfied, these dogs are gonna be shot by DOG SHOOTERS (City Authority).

              2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

                So are they setting the dogs to kill the cats and then when all the cats are gone they will shoot all the dogs?
                It is like some sort of horror show if this is true!

              1. I hate fame Michael, I just want to improve the cat’s welfare, for which I am very weak right now, but one day, insha Allah I will take every cat with me in my new place if I will have sufficient finds and opportunity, otherwise I will show you all how I have worked out in my terrace for these friends (Cats and kittens) <3

      2. I wish you could build a huge enclosure for all of your cats so none could wander and be in such danger. Big enough that those who like wandering would be satisfied.

          1. Exactly!
            I remember this.
            It’s just perfect.
            But, I don’t know how much room Ahsan has to work with. If it is a small area, he may be able to envision an upward tier type of thing.

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Tea time for our visitors, Narla on the wall has come for many years now, the three under our car are always hungry. Walter and Jozef are quite tolerant unless they try to come in the house.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Yes 3 of God knows how many in that house, it’s a real problem here, roll on the day CP manage to get compulsory neutering made law.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Luckily we have no cat haters here at present, even one neighbour who doesn’t particularly like cats is concerned about the kittens out so young.
        We live in dread of who will move in next door to us though, hope and pray they are cat lovers, or at least live and let live types like the rest of us are here.
        Our main worry is the kittens have not much road sense yet, but everyone checks under their cars and drives carefully.
        The cats owners are deaf to our worries and can’t be forced to neuter them or to keep the younger ones in

  5. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Tumtum is very handsome. Word must be spreading amongst all the cats in your neighbourhood that you are a kind cat loving man and they all want to come and live with you.

    1. I bet you thats what Mine are thinking. Im sure they have Cat Meetings and say “Come to my parents house they really love Cats and will do anything” lol

    2. You know sister RUTH! I have read 130 fully loaded PDFs before going near to these mostly afraid cats. These cats were not socialized with us in the begining, but after few months, they decided to go near me and I always fed them as Australian Zoo master Steve (late) he did, I loved him. I miss him, I weep him. He was the greatest man on earth loving every creature of Allah Subhanahu. I copy him very much and my daughters laugh at me when I start to tame kittens and become one of them.

      HAHAHAHHA but this is what I am born for, I think <3

        1. He was “ALL IN ONE” kind of a specialist. Crocodile hunter was his nick but he was specialist in wildlife.

          When he died on 4th sept 2006, I was at the hosp for chemo. and my friend who attended me that night told me about him.

          If a person can deal/tackle with crocs, why not we can tackle the feral?

          I think it is all in brains, it is all in brains.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        I mean the cats love you Ahsan even if the humans don’t.
        It’s getting a bit like that here with the problem house, except no one would hurt the cats because it isn’t their fault.


      1. You are right Michael, because in America the Feral cats can live in the better conditions than here. The atmosphere depends and specially the sanitary system of the cities. There is an extra plus point, That is;
        There are people who eat much of pork, meat, and other healthy stuff and they leave un-eaten in the garbage, so the meat, whether it is of any kind is actually protein for FERAL CATS. and they get it. I can mention many other reasons, Therefore they are hairy cats and fat, too. But otherwise there is no any difference in the WILD status of any FERAL whether living in hot or cold land 🙂

          1. One of my friend, got really bad claw scratches on his hands, He said, these cats are really wild animals and really they are feral.

            I replied If I can not socialize my feral cats, This is my failure , not Cat’s. It is us who make them feral otherwise they are the most friendly creatures of Allah Subhanahu.”

            Michael I got the same words, I stick with my words and I own my words but what I mean is that we have made mistakes, and we blame cats. We are intolerance and do not keep patience towards them, we wanna touch them instantly, and if in response, they show their nature of scratching or biting anyone who don’t keep patience.

            I say, “BINGO”

            Have some more.

            Michael! I keep my words always but they must be published 100% for what and how I mean them to be published. This is my right to speak the truth.

            50/50 is my kitten. But my neighbors claimed her and said,”We are feeding her.” After a week she returned to me. I said to Khadija,look at the plate of 50/50 kitten, what are the neighbor woman feeding her. She said, “PAPA! chicken bones without chicken meat which have been eaten by them and no milk or water bowl”(because Khadija is frank with the woman and they often talk to each other. Now 50/50 is constantly in our terrace playing with LAILA.

            So what is the attitude of my neighbors towards cats and kittens. It is cleared now. Why I hate my neighbors now and as a whole the “whole nation”. Can you understand it now????

            My hatred was burried under the sufism saint track of ISLAM but now I feel, the world is not a place to live in peace 🙁

            1. A little bit funny, Ahsan, that your friend had his hands torn up.
              He will learn that a cat shows very clearly whether they want to be handled or not. It behooves us to learn their sign language.

              I know that we live in different places, and the cultures and people are very different. It may even be likely that, in some countries, a woman as outspoken as I am would be stoned.
              But here, I would have a very real problem with anyone giving even a morsel to one of my cats unless they are my trusted backup person.

              It’s too frightening for me to even tolerate. I would have to make some significant changes in order to keep them safe.

            2. Ahsan what I meant was this. If you look at the bottom of your article you can see your profile with these words:

              “I am 43, retired. I am much interested in welfare of free roaming cats because they are whole alone and in danger in Pakistan. They have a really hard life and are often killed. While they are the most friendly feral cats of the planet earth. ”

              Where are those words other than on this website?

              1. Thank you for explaining Michael, Yes I understood what you said my friend and thanks for these words 🙂 <3 <3 <3

                Actually I am sick for 2 days and unable to keep myself as active/wakeup person 🙁 therefore I type like a TWISTER.

                if any word hurts anyone, please forgive me in advance because I get faint sometime due to sickness of mine thanks <3

    1. Thank you Nancy, but I never handle over my cats to anyone, it is their(cat’s) choice to free roam and select the home they better fit or otherwise I and my family has a free open STATE (home) for them and we can easily tolerate/ feed/ care them and that is the TRUSTED BOND which my FERAL CATS and THEIR KITTENS can understand.

      My neighbors are greatest As*holes of the planet EARTH, This is what I better know about them. AAhhh! my cats must understand that every glittering thing is not GOLD 🙁

      But thanks a lot for the appreciating comments, love your cats and perhaps you would like to share their photos sometime and add me on facebook,too. I don’t ADD eastern or Pakistanis in my facebook much, But my Facebook is nourished with Western friends, May I say that I am western by heart???? hahahaha that is most people think that I am a JEWS/ CRISTIAN type of MOSLEM, hahahahaha 😀 love you all cat lovers 🙂

      1. My neighbors are greatest As*holes of the planet EARTH

        Strange but we have the same problems in the West 😉

        May I say that I am western by heart????

        Yes! It must be tough sometimes but don’t think it is easy in the West.

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