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Pakistan: New Entry in My Feral Cat Colony — 23 Comments

    • I really would want sir Ahsan to respond and explain something. I can,t find peace in my home or anywhere without little child. I really want to do something for street cats which are equally deserving of our love. I want to protect and pamper them. I wish I could save my little one though:(

  1. Ahsan you are doing such a heavenly work. I can’t explain my respect towards you sir. I am totally amazed to witness someone with such a heart and such pain for humanity. I am totally touched as I was searching for some welfare departments for feral cats specially. Surprisingly found your link sir.
    I am very heartbroken because I lost my 10 months old kitten. He was my family and my every reason to be happy in this cruel world. I have tears in my eyes right now because he has left a hole in my heart and life that I cannot fill. It is so heartbreaking because we used to play, sleep, eat and even watch cartoons together. He used to sleep on my lap and call me at night when hungry. He was the loveliest baby ever. I terribly feel his absence. It happened two weeks ago. I am totally in dark 🙁 it is a loss for life.
    Totally broken.

    • Oh dear, I feel your pain. I am so sorry you lost your beloved cat. Can I ask what happened? I wish you the very best of luck. I know how you feel. I lost my sweet girl cat 23 years ago in an accident and I still think of her and feel the pain of her loss.

      • Yes, sure you can ask. He used to play on the terrace at day time and because of some illiterate person who openly threw rat poison. I don’t know how he swallowed it. I left him healthy and happily playing for a while and in a little time I was seeing him die. Took him to the vet immediately they gave him antidote and all the treatment they knew but God knows how poorly skilled they were or plainly cold blooded Pakistani so called professionals( m really sorry to say but I live in a country where I feel misfit because of these insensitivities)
        Anyways, I they told me to take him home and to return early next morning for drip but after coming home within an hour he was dead, stiff and not breathing and that was the moment I knew my life changed. Now I’m so guilty of leaving my baby alone, I am unable to sleep at night with the thought haunting my mind that he is not in my life or around me. I am not taking it well n taking anti depressants.
        He was more than family I don’t know how to go on without him;(

      • And I am really very sorry for your loss too. This feeling is killing. May we be able to protect these lovely creations in a much better way n may everybody feel their pain. There is no love purer than they have for us. Too innocent for this world 🙁

  2. I absolutely love You and Your Family! <3
    It took my little feral Shrimptaro five years to warm up to my Mama, bless his/her heart! Thanks, for writing this, Mr. Ahsan 🙂

    • Thank you, too and God bless you Caroline, ameen <3

      Five years? Its a big part of life. Well It can happen for sure. But when we have gained the trust of FERAL babies, That means we have conquered the half world like ALEXANDER THE GREAT. Because it is the same as you conquer the half world. But some things which I have observed are GOD GIFTED, I believe that cats can see the unseen, I mean our AURA.

      In simple words, Cats have the ability to watch and determine the results from the AURA (outer layer of lights of human body).

      They have not only the sixth sense but also rewarded with the seventh sense which human beings have not. That seventh sense is to see those things which a human eye can not see.

      I always observe but avoid to talk in this way and on this topic. Because maybe some people will say I have become a bit/ more superstitious. Have I not my friend????

      • Ahsan, I tend to agree with you whole-hardheartedly, that kitties and kats possess many powers of perception beyond our ability – not only our ability to share such perceptions – but to also understand the sheer number, nature and true capabilities of those perceptions.

        I love that when kitty is inquired upon about his (likely stunning) powers of observations, the usual reply is in the form of a somewhat irate glance, and a long yawn, followed by a bored look past oneself that speaks to “you simply wouldn’t understand” and a nap.

        My three kits understood fully the day my wife was to die, and comforted her each in their own unique and only-they-could-do special way. SallyKat gently nipped her nose before entangling herself into her long hair, purring constantly and not moving, Angel Kitty spoke in her sweet gentle voice to Evelyn in an attempt to rouse her, but as she came to understand the situation she settled in with her nose against Evelyn’s neck in silence, that very patch of skin where she spent so many hours sucking her when she was a kitten, and Dr. Itchy settled into her lap, with his face sitting on his folded paws as he simply watched her with such an intense love in his face, and continually purred for her comfort.

        (I am reliving this moment, I don’t know if I should but I am, and I cannot help but weep as I did when I lived it last, as Evelyn lived her last. kindly forgive me)

        After she passed on, I called the authorities to retrieve her remains. They seemed a bit “miffed” that Evelyn was covered in kitties, no matter how well-mannered they appeared. I explained that the kids were saying good-bye and offering kitty prayers for her, and they were to be treated with as much respect as my dear wife’s body.

        Ahsan, methinks kitties see much, much more than our simple living Aura. To them, I believe such a simple feat is but a parlor trick. Methinks kitties may well see the content of man, and see memories of the future.

        (it would go a long way in explaining why the snarl at some people, and rub lovingly against others)

        Hell, they can see in the dark, too.

        the kids come to comfort me, now as I wail. We all miss her so.

    • You are emitting cat attract vibes, Ahsan.

      Really, DEE. Is that what I do? hmmm 😉 I think I am born for FERAL cats. This is my claim. I am the FATHER OF CATS AND KITTENS, this is my claim. And the time proves (with evidences) that I am what I speak.

      PHENOMENON! YES TRUE, It happens in the real world, and GOD has gifted me to face these tiny friends without hesitation/ fear and them to come near me instantly or with in days.

      DO I SMELL LIKE A CAT MAN FOR CATS AND KITTENS???? Have anyone this answer???? <3 DEE! you are the first lady on PoC who talk about feral cats, can you please answer this question? Can these feral cats smell me as a good man or cat man???? <3 thank you DEE.

  3. Thank you for always telling us about your lovely cats Ahsan even when you are so busy, it is very interesting to me. You and your family are so kind and loving to those cats and this is why we love you!

    • Thanks Ruth sister, actually I love cats because I love them and there is no other intention than this.

      My prophet S.A.W. taught me to love the innocents and never harm them.

      My question to the world has been the same every time.
      If you can not give relief to anyone, why are you then harming someone????

      I may say these words with a sad tone that I was very much in love with MOTHER TERESA from my childhood. Alas I could love any MOSLEM welfare man/ woman instead. But I found none.

      I believe that GOD make a list every night of those beloved ones, who care for his creatures. Will my name also stand somewhere in that list???? perhaps one night will come that my name will be written in that list of those beloved ones, who GOD love for their well-being efforts for innocents. ALAS! one day, perhaps!!! <3 Thank you Ruth.

      • Our late mother used to say this from the Bible:
        ‘But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it’
        She believed that God sees everything, good and evil every human being does and he writes it in His ‘little black book’ and when we meet him He will take out that book and we will answer to Him for our sins and be praised for our good deeds.
        If this is true she would have no worries when they met because she was the kindest woman, who never even hurt a fly in all her life.

  4. I think the male feral could sense you were a good, gentle person. I loved the video and the photo of 50/50. We have our own shaggy 50/50 in the neighborhood. Not sure who she belongs to. She is equal parts calico (or tortiseshell) and tabby, with a medium shag coat. She is very smart about traffic, but I worry. Thank you for sharing Ahsan. Let us know what name your daughter chooses.

    • Thank you Michael! Actually my colony of cats were 21 with 17 big cats and 4 kittens. I had 4 kittens my self to raise in which LAILA is one of them. I had in total 25 to feed but now I have only 17 free roaming cats out there. This one is an addition into my colony members. It means I have 18 now.

      The kittens are only 2.
      1) LAILA
      2) 50/50

      In total it becomes 18 cats + 2 kittens = 20

      If those kittens killed earlier should have survived at me, The population would have been 27.

      But I am hopeful, the population will rise when these cats will join my terrace outlet, mini homes for them. I will let you all know very soon.

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