Pakistan: New Entry in My Feral Cat Colony

Pakistan feral cat

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A few days ago I was observing a male cat sleeping on my motor cycles seat. I cover my motor cycle seat with a blanket. When ever I lift the blanket, he just jumps down on the floor slowly and walks 10 feet from me. I saw him very carefully, he looked to me as Michael’s foster cat, Downton.

I let him sleep on my motor cycle for a few days. He never hissed at me but cried out loudly at me today when I was feeding 50/50 kitten. I said to my daughter to bring a cup full of dry food for him and I intentionally held the cup in my hand to check whether he is hungry and friendly or just a feral boy who is in search of shelter.

But I know now that he has accepted me as his caretaker because he was very satisfied and peaceful with me as usual, as with other cats.

My daughter, Khadija, told me that this cat has hissed at my mother and has always kept a distance with people here. Okay! what kind of distance with Ahsan a friendly lover of feral cats, this video is the proof when my Khadija is keeping herself on a distance of ten feet and she is zooming the camera to take clear close shot.

I want to just share my POC friends that I am happy tonight because I got a new friend of my life.

I have not named him yet but this is the duty of Khadija. She name the cats and kittens after she has observed their characters and characteristics.

Thank you PoC friends and specially Michael Broad that I can share with you the moments of my life’s precious events. Love you all <3

23 thoughts on “Pakistan: New Entry in My Feral Cat Colony”

    • I really would want sir Ahsan to respond and explain something. I can,t find peace in my home or anywhere without little child. I really want to do something for street cats which are equally deserving of our love. I want to protect and pamper them. I wish I could save my little one though:(

  1. Ahsan you are doing such a heavenly work. I can’t explain my respect towards you sir. I am totally amazed to witness someone with such a heart and such pain for humanity. I am totally touched as I was searching for some welfare departments for feral cats specially. Surprisingly found your link sir.
    I am very heartbroken because I lost my 10 months old kitten. He was my family and my every reason to be happy in this cruel world. I have tears in my eyes right now because he has left a hole in my heart and life that I cannot fill. It is so heartbreaking because we used to play, sleep, eat and even watch cartoons together. He used to sleep on my lap and call me at night when hungry. He was the loveliest baby ever. I terribly feel his absence. It happened two weeks ago. I am totally in dark 🙁 it is a loss for life.
    Totally broken.

    • Oh dear, I feel your pain. I am so sorry you lost your beloved cat. Can I ask what happened? I wish you the very best of luck. I know how you feel. I lost my sweet girl cat 23 years ago in an accident and I still think of her and feel the pain of her loss.

      • Yes, sure you can ask. He used to play on the terrace at day time and because of some illiterate person who openly threw rat poison. I don’t know how he swallowed it. I left him healthy and happily playing for a while and in a little time I was seeing him die. Took him to the vet immediately they gave him antidote and all the treatment they knew but God knows how poorly skilled they were or plainly cold blooded Pakistani so called professionals( m really sorry to say but I live in a country where I feel misfit because of these insensitivities)
        Anyways, I they told me to take him home and to return early next morning for drip but after coming home within an hour he was dead, stiff and not breathing and that was the moment I knew my life changed. Now I’m so guilty of leaving my baby alone, I am unable to sleep at night with the thought haunting my mind that he is not in my life or around me. I am not taking it well n taking anti depressants.
        He was more than family I don’t know how to go on without him;(

      • And I am really very sorry for your loss too. This feeling is killing. May we be able to protect these lovely creations in a much better way n may everybody feel their pain. There is no love purer than they have for us. Too innocent for this world 🙁


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