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    • Hi Anette. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Running a website about cats, I have to mention the cat breeds which leads to getting to know some breeders, who become friends, so I do have a problem criticising cat breeding. However, at heart, I am in harmony with you on this because there are too many unwanted cats.

  3. I agree. I took in a mother Bengal and her two daughters in because the breeder couldn’t sell them after a year of asking me to take one. My kind-hearted mom said, “Oh bring all three of them.” Now, I don’t even have a job anymore. However, I’m glad they are here, because I don’t think they could be separated. They cling to each other like monkeys. They are always bunched up together. Very cute. Sometimes, the 3 of them pile up on top of me while I’m sleeping and I can’t move. Luckily, my sister’s friend decided to quit breeding Bengals. Thank God. There are enough pets getting abandoned all over the place. I think cat and dog breeding should be outlawed because it has gotten way out of control. Someone dumped a pregnant female in my neighborhood (and who did she make a beeline for? Me!) about 6 months after I took in the Bengals. She gave birth within 2 weeks after I took her in after realizing she was pregnant. She gave birth to 5 babies. So, we ended up taking in 9 cats within a 1 year period!!! I couldn’t find homes for them either and they live here wreaking havoc. They are super cute, though. So people should find some other ways to make money. People should also choose going to a shelter over a breeder as well. If purebreds are what they want – there are a bunch at the shelters. Poodles, German Shepherds, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Bichon, etc. for people looking for dogs. There are Persians, Abyssinians, Siamese, Bengals, etc. for people looking for cats.

    • Great comment. Enjoyed reading it. I totally agree with you. There is a pet shop near me where they sell kittens. I like the people and the products but hate the fact they sell animals. Horrible. They just don’t think about the consequences.

      You have done really well taking on these cats but…too much really. It is the same old story, people like you and me mop up the mess that others create. The irresponsible lean on the responsible. It was ever thus.

      People who care about animals can’t say no to saving an animal.

    • You can’t buy one for a pet. They are a true wild cat and rare. You couldn’t keep one in a private zoo without having proper facilities and complying with any regulations. I am not sure what the regulations are where you live but in some states in the USA it would be illegal to keep a Pallas’s cat. They are protected and export from Asia is banned I would have thought. Someone in the USA probably keeps one but they are very rare. Sorry but hope this helps.

      • I like looking at pictures of these wildcats. it makes me sick that people are breeding and selling these as exotic-domestics. I hope they start to do more to protect these beauties in the wild. it would be a shame to see them become extinct.

        • Absolutely. I have always said that we should be spending far more time and effort on protected wild cats in the wild rather than trying to breed them in cages. It seems mad to me and very self indulgent and human-centric.

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