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Pallas’s Cat (Manul) Picture Gallery — 7 Comments

  1. When film from a camera trap set to film Snow Leopards in the Himalaya’s was reviewed recently, they were shocked to see several pallas cat’s! They are either climbing higher due to global warming, or they have a larger habitat than originally thought. Our neighbor’s last name is Pallas. They never heard of the cat. 🙂

    • Your neighbour might have a German heritage. Yes, I read that about Pallas’s cat occupying places were the snow leopard is found. Bengal tigers have moved up into the Himalayas. When wild cats go to more remote places they are probably getting away from humans 🙂 Humans do persecute Pallas’s cat and the tiger too.

    • Agreed. Two ways: (1) Pallas’s cat is quite mild mannered. Some small wild cats are. The margay and jaguarundi come to mind and the Andean cat – all three are pretty gentle and can be domesticated and (2) it was mildly sedated for the trip.

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