Palm Beach Failing their Own Mission Statement?

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control PBCACCA

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Elisa Black-Taylor, the Greenville Pets Examiner writes on that Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control (PBCACCA) are euthanising cats that should be adopted and not employing their network of foster carers efficiently.

Foster carers who work with PBCACCA state that they’re worried that they will have to hand their foster cats back whereupon PBCACCA will euthanise them. This is stressful for cat fosterers.

PBCACCA has placed a limit of one cat per fosterer despite some fosterers saying they can cope with more. I am not sure why the limit exists.

PBCACCA state:

“A small group of the same people step up over and over. We need more people to foster, to care.”

Elisa writes that PBCACCA are shifting blame for the euthanasia of healthy cats and kittens onto foster carers rather than taking responsibility themselves.

One particular female cat and her kittens are highlighted. Her apparently healthy kittens were euthanised and it is quite possible that the same fate awaits their mother (see header image).

This single act appears to go against the PBCACCA mission statement:

“Provide safe shelter and veterinary care for lost, abandoned and unwanted animals….Humanely euthanize injured and sick animals.”

I wonder how often they fail to meet their admirable mission objective? That said, the reviews on Google Maps tell of a place that is not at all bad (see image).

I have stated myself that cat foster carers should not adopt the cats in their care because it undermines the reasons for fostering which is to improve cat welfare generally. However, in America, sometimes foster carers feel compelled to adopt their cost cat(s) because the only alternative is death. My statement is at odds with what is happening in Palm Beach and probably other cities and counties across the USA.

The situation in Palm Beach seems unsatisfactory. Funding does not appear to be a problem at Palm Beach.

The problem as I see it is this: there are more unwanted and homeless cats in the US than in the UK. In the UK we can take a more relaxed attitude about cat fostering and I can make the sort of statement that I made because there is less pressure on foster carers.

When there is a lot of pressure on rescue facilities it is handed down to their network of foster carers. Foster carers are a safety valve for a shelter. There are limits, though.

If I am correct in saying that there are more unwanted cats in the UK than USA, and that at Palm Beach, PBCACCA has reached its capacity then the only solution is to do more work on preventative measures. This means working with the community to reduce the creation of unwanted cats.

I say they have reached their capacity because they are killing healthy cats. There can be no other viable reason. Or am I being naive?

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16 thoughts on “Palm Beach Failing their Own Mission Statement?”

  1. Incredibly, PBC may be even worse than here.
    Diane Sauve needs to be booted, and I have emailed every commissioner.
    It is disgusting that the 1/4 million dollars was earmarked for adoptable pets and there are no stats to show that any animal has been saved.
    I want to know where the money is going.

  2. If our Gizzy ever got picked up and taken to a shelter she’d be at risk of being killed for being feral. She turns into a she-devil around strange people and strange cats. People in Palm Beach should be very aware that if their cat is lost and ends up at the shelter and is afraid and hissing it will likely end up dead.

  3. After the article in The Examiner was published the Urgent Cats of Palm Beach County deleted the photo of the mother and her kittens, which also removed it from every page and group it was shared on on facebook. Of course, this also deleted all of the comments, concerns and sharing by fosters and the community.

    Tomorrow is election day in Palm Beach County, so every article, post etc. is attempting to be squashed. Fosters are also being attacked and blacklisted for being “negative” and sharing any posts of articles.

    1. Deleted mom and kits!
      How deceitful can this shelter be?
      Can the pics be reposted on facebook?
      Thank god the pic is still here (THANK YOU, MICHAEL).
      Diane Sauve needs to go. I’m furious with her actions and have serious questions about where the money is.

      1. You know what Dee. Having been “involved” at a distance with USA cat rescue there appears to an inconsistency of the quality of service and care provided. Some are good and some are not so good. Some fight to avoid killing cats and some do it quite casually. There is a need for consistent standards (federal involvement). Why can’t the federal government set some standards?

        1. “There appears to an inconsistency of the quality of service and care provided. Some are good and some are not so good. Some fight to avoid killing cats and some do it quite casually. There is a need for consistent standards (federal involvement). Why can’t the federal government set some standards?”

          Federal government will never be involvwd. State by state and, then, county by county enact their own laws.
          I wish that states didn’t have the autonomy that they have, but I can’t fight every battle in my way.

          1. I know enough now about the USA to realise you are absolutely correct but what stops federal government? In Europe there are hundreds of thousands of Europe-wide regulations affecting all the countries.

      2. I have screenshots of everything saved. The mom and babies are on my Examiner article along with the slideshow for RIP cats who didn’t deserve a name until after they were murdered. All anyone has to do is right click their mouse and save then upload it to Facebook. Since the photos fall under Fair Use Act the shelter can’t complain.

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