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Palm Oil Industry Kills Wild Cats — 8 Comments

  1. We just can’t seem to keep our hands out of nature. We just have to get in there and mess everything up in the name of progress. Soft skin, fragrant hair, mile long eyelashes aren’t worth the suffering that we cause to animals. We destroy their habitats and do deplorable things to them.
    How many damn like products do we need on store shelves? People spend countless hours trying to make a simple shampoo decision from the hundreds available.

    I pretty much buy basic products void of hype and from companies I know do not do animal testing.
    I would hate myself if I knew that my shampoo was put in the eyes of rabbits in an effort to see how harsh it is and how fast its eyes were burned out.

    • Yes, Dee the price of washing our hair daily, which is not good for our scalp, is to kill wild cat species. Bizarre really. We should really stop using shampoo and find an alternative as it contains palm oil. We are rooted in our habits and so hardly ever change.

  2. This is so very sad and another example of humans destroying the habitat of wild animals and not many of us seem to care.
    It’s the same with products tested on animals, there are plenty of kind alternatives nowadays but many people think their wants should come first. Take fairy washing up liquid for example, it’s more important to some that ‘their hands should be soft as their face’ than the fact that animals have suffered and died in labs testing the stuff.
    So I can’t honesty see many people refusing to buy palm oil products, sadly they don’t think about the future of this planet and the generations to come who will only see some species of animals, birds, etc in history books.

    • not many of us seem to care.

      There is some research that strongly supports what we know – humans think short term. They want early rewards. The same lack of long term thinking applies to the gradual destruction of wild cat species. We are not interested in habitat destruction until the very end when there are almost no wild cats of a certain species left when we leap into action and try and save the species. It is invariably too little, too late.

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