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  1. comment from Jk Rice. two changes to 2017 panleuk paper.
    1) we no.longer bathe. you can do.lye dyp without rinse, leave 5 min and dry with.warm towels to prevent shivering. this will supresss ringworm.
    2).we.give full series.of vaccines every 4 week until 16.weeks of age
    we count the disease as the equivalent of the first vaccine
    3)..the 1 yr booster panleuk.vaccine.is VERY CRITICL. NEVER miss the.one year booster vaccine.

  2. Research Article, Journal of Veterinary Science & Medical Diagnosis:
    Successful Treatment of Feline Panleukopenia: A Guideline for Rescuers and Veterinarians.
    This is an article that you might find informative.
    Julie A. Martin, D.V.M.

  3. Five years ago our rescue was hit with a very virulent strain of Calicivirus. We had just pulled some cats and kittens from a colony that all appeared healthy a few days before, when suddenly a cat from the colony got sick. Within a few hours, we had a number of cats sick. In a little over 48 hours we lost 8 cats, including a litter of four kittens. My vet at the time was at his wit’s end as to what to do, he held each kitten with me as they passed. I did some online research and found information about Tamiflu – the info I found at the time was mix 1 75 mg cap with 25 cc’s of water and give 1 cc per 5 lbs of body weight. After we started treating the rest of our cats, we didn’t lose another one. But it wasn’t just the Tamiflu. You have to bleach everything that can be bleached that has come in contact with the animal, whether it is Parvo, PanLeuk or Calici. You need to order lobster aprons from Amazon and change them between each cat you treat. You need to keep bleach buckets (1 cup bleach to 2 gallons of water) and every time you touch an infected animal, you have to wash your hands and then dip them in the bleach water. All eating and drinking dishes have to be bleached. These viruses can live on surfaces for a very long time. Betedine makes a soap that you can get a prescription for from your vet and buy online or at some pharmacies that you can use in place of bleach water for hands and some surfaces, but it does stain clothing. Then again, so does bleach. I hope this helps someone. I hate these viruses.

    Also, for those wondering why vets don’t recommend this drug, it is very simple – it is not approved for use in animals by the FDA. So they legally can’t. But what my vet said when I asked him is “It can’t hurt at this point, if you have it and you know how to use it, if it were me, I would.”

    Disclosure: I am not a veterinarian. You should always talk to your vet about any treatment before starting it. Any advice I have given here is based upon my own experience but I do not recommend that anyone else follow my advice unless their veterinarian has been consulted.

  4. I wanted to give an update on my panleuk kittens. I lost the 2 younger one. They were already showing symptoms before starting the Tamiflu. Three 8 week old kittens started on Tamiflu before symptoms started are doing well and I do believe are going to recover. They did have mild to moderate symptoms. One was hospitalized with fever and mild vomiting but is coming home today. I do believe the Tamiflu saved them. Dosage was one 75 mg cap mixed with 3 cc of distilled water .01 cc per lb once a day for 7 days. This is the instructions given to me by a vet that only treats cats.

  5. Thank you for your replies. I did go ahead and give the dosage that the vet recominded. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. Hi … I just found out that my foster kittens have panleuk. One has died and one is in the hospital. The other 3 are eating and playing but have diarrhea. I have tamiflu and want to start them on it but I’m being told so many directions on how to mix it. The vet said 3 ml of water to one 75 ml tablet .01 cc per pound others have said 15 ml of water to one tablet and .02 cc per pound.

    Thanks concerned foster mommy

    • Hi Cheri. One problem with Tamiflu for cats is that is not discussed in authoritative books such as I have. Therefore I can’t advise because as far as I can tell there no vet websites which discuss dosage. I have not used it myself so have no personal experience.

      I’ll ask Elisa Black-Taylor who wrote the article to see if she can advise. If in doubt, I’d always take the advice of your vet but what you might do is telephone another vet ans ask directly what the dosage is. You may get an immediate response which clarifies things for you.

      Your vet is advising a more concentrated treatment at 3mls of water per tablet compared to 15mls per tablet. Good luck.

      • I don’t know the dosage but I can tell you to try to keep the cats hydrated. We use KMR milk in a syringe. It’s pulled many a cat through.

        Hopefully the vet can tell you how much. I’d hate to guess and be accused of practicing medicine.

  7. Thanks for this write up with a link to Jane’s blog. There is not much info to be found on treating Panleuk with Tamiflu. I hope we are deciphering the dosage correctly.

    • Hopefully your vet can give you a dosage if you can’t figure out from the blog. I hope more vets are studying up on this and realize how important Tamiflu is in treating panleuk.

  8. I am a foster in Hillsborough County FL. and this year we have been hit very hard with Panleukopenia. My house was hit in April and I had nine fosters and tried to get Tamiflu without much success. I finally was able to get a script after four kittens died. Two kittens pulled through with the use of Tamiflu, Azirthomicyn, and Metronidizole and Tamiflu prevented the other three from becoming infected. Another foster had a kitten infected with Panleuk and treatment was begun as soon as the symptoms appeared and after 10 days the kitten began to return to normal. He also survived. I currently have three bottle babies that lost their mother to Panleuk and they are all on Tamiflu and so far so good. I am keeping my fingers crossed for them; but, I do feel they will remain healthy until vaccinations can be given. I am a firm believer in Tamiflu. The only draw back is you need to have access to it because time is not on the side of the cats.

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