Panther Bracelet

Panther Bracelet

by Michael
(London, UK)

The Cartier-designed diamond panther bracelet

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The Cartier-designed diamond panther bracelet

The most expensive panther bracelet ever is Wallis Simpson's Cartier-designed diamond panther bracelet. It was a gift from the Duke of Windsor.

It sold at auction for a world record-breaking £4.5 million ($7 million).

The panther is in a stalking position. The bracelet is articulated.

Apparently Wallis Simpson liked cat jewelry. She had more than one piece. Wallis became the Duchess of Windsor having married the Duke of Windsor, the Prince of Wales, who abdicated as king Edward VIII to marry her. It is alleged that he had an affair with her while she was still married and before he became king. She was a twice married and divorced American socialite and the affair caused a constitutional crisis!

It seems that Wallis Simpson liked expensive jewelry and cats. After Edward abdicated they retired to the rich, idol life it appears. Edward courted more controversy when he had dealings with Hitler.

The is a bit of a story behind the word, "panther" too. This is a generic type term used to describe a large wild cat, usually prefixed by the word "black". The black stones (onyx) set in the bracelet are probably designed to reflect this.

The black panther is a melanistic leopard or jaguar. "Melanistic" means that the otherwise spotted fur has turned black due to the presence of a certain gene. See a melanistic semi-wildcat here: Melanistic F4 Savannah cat. She looks a bit like a miniature black panther.

See some black panther pictures. You will see faint markings on the fur.

Sometimes the cougar or mountain lion is called a panther. For example the Florida panther is a cougar.

Cats make wonderful items of jewelry because the wild cat and indeed the domestic cat have aesthetically pleasing bodies and they are extremely athletic.

The panther bracelet embodies power, fear, excitement and elegance; everything a rich and attractive women likes!

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