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Panthera, a big cat conservation charity, corrupted by $750,000 partnership with Randgold — 7 Comments

  1. This is monsterous, the hugely wealthy have become untouchable, unstoppable.

    Maybe when they have run out of wild mammals to crufely, selfishly kill, they will turn on each other. Hope so, hunters = stinking scum.

  2. I guess when you donate $750,000 every year to make sure that everyone values and keeps-alive a perpetual supply of animals to hunt then you’ll have room to talk. Put up or shut up. It’s that simple. If not, you’re doing absolutely nothing to save wildcats. In fact you are killing them with your house-cats’ diseases worldwide. You should be sued for how many you needlessly kill with your house-cats’ diseases. Far more wildcats die from your house-cats’ diseases than all hunters kill on earth. You’re even killing ones already listed as rare and endangered with your house-cats, wildcats that no hunter on earth are allowed to kill. But you do and you don’t even make an apology for it, instead you come up with wild excuses and displays of utter ignorance. Educate yourself. You have Google today. You have no excuse for spewing such blatant stupidity and ignorance about what you do and how many wildcats you are killing with your vermin house-cats.

      • Seconded, Micheal IS a nice person, a top quality sort of person, unlike dan the tragic troll, who gorges on burgers in his Mum’s basement, trying to eat away his miserable, ignorant existence & even failing at that.

        • Thanks Jane. You’re a top quality sort of person. And a damn fast typist. Why are you so fast at typing? Does that talent find an outlet elsewhere?

        • By the way, Bristow resigned so the outrage at his appointment was effective. I wonder if this article had any influence over that decision.

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