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Paranoid or protective: What do YOU check before you leave your pets at home each day? — 6 Comments

  1. Yes I’m very careful. I leave nothing on when I leave, sometimes for hours, except maybe some tunes or radio talk to entertain them. But I go a step further and leave all doors open; I mean unlocked and wide open so my cats would never be trapped inside if something happened. They are more important than my home and everything in it. Seriously.

  2. Thought I was the only one who worried like this — not so severe now that I have a home office setup. But years ago when I commuted I unplugged everything, etc. & even taped over sockets lest the cats stick their paws in or spray into them. Think that was going too far? A bit neurotic??? Obsessive/compulsive? Our cats certainly can become the focus of our anxieties …

  3. I’ve had sockets, surge protectors, and power strips catch fire. I’ve always been home. In the summer, electronics are unplugged before leaving or bed time because of storms. Only the fridge and freezer remain plugged in. Suspicious sockets are not used.

    I do not run dryer or washer while I’m gone. Most power strips are unplugged or turned off. I have two radiating heaters that run at low level that I leave on in the winter.

    Just very cautious. Mom was afraid of fire.

    The house needs to be rewired. SC laws are backwards.

    • I’m on the west coast and even though the standards are really strict here, an older house like the one I bought 20 years ago had flaky wiring. It was built in ’51 and was a light grade. I rewired the whole house myself because my biggest concern was that something could happen to my cats if it failed.

    • Anyone with a plastic dryer vent needs to replace it with a metal one. Our neighbor when I lived near Clemson lost their doublewide to a dryer fire. And keep the lint traps cleaned out after each load.

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