Parasol Christmas tree is cat proof

You may have heard of them but they need to be publicised in the interests of sanity at Christmas time because the parasol Christmas tree is cat proof (more or less depending on the cat’s commitment). A solution to that perennial problem in the feline household during the festive season when the tree is an object of fascination, something to climb and destroy if possible. The baubles, the wrapping paper, the bits and pieces are all interesting objects to play with. Not only is the tree in danger but the cat is as well. Some of these small objects can be chewed and swallowed. I’m thinking of bits of tinsel or bits of artificial tree which have fallen to the ground. The cat sniffs it, chews it and what next, swallows it!

Parasol Christmas tree is cat proof
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Parasol Christmas tree is cat proof. Photo: Balsam Hill®.

The tree on this page is sold by an online business called Balsam Hill®. I think it is particularly impressive as a parasol version of the Christmas tree. There are other versions which can look a bit silly to be honest. The Argos parasol Christmas tree is not particularly attractive but is not bad.

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Parasol Christmas tree is cat proof

Parasol Christmas tree is cat proof. Photo: Argos.

It’s about peace of mind for cat owners. Admittedly the parasol Christmas tree is not going to be good enough for Christmas aficionados who like the real deal: a 6 foot tree fully bedecked in 10,000 lights. Steve Allen, the LBC presenter loves his Christmas trees and lights. He has three Christmas trees, each one containing 10,000 lights.

I get the impression that every year Mr Steve Allen buys a fresh set of lights. In fact, he buys three boxes of new lights, two of which I believe he gives away to friends including his brother. In fact Steve Allen buys everything in threes or higher numbers. He makes that much money.

You can buy Christmas trees these days which have built-in lights. You simply assemble the tree and plug it in. Highly convenient and just what the Christmas-loving and cat-loving person demands unless you insist on real ones. But think of the destruction that producing real Christmas trees entails. Chopping all those young trees down. It is so brutal and commercial. Artificial trees are better for the environment aren’t they? They probably are provided they are kept for a long time.

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