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Parents with cats. How do you protect baby? — 5 Comments

  1. Of all the people I know, friends and family etc none have never got rid of their cat in favour of a baby. They have more depth than some of these shallow people who don’t really love their cat and who can’t wait to get rid just as soon as the pregnancy is announced.

  2. I’m sure there is room in the reasonably intelligent household for both cat and baby, as with everything common sense should prevail and risks to cat and baby should be avoided (and parents!) I see no need to “get rid” of the cat or use negative reinforcement but there is always going to be some new mother who turns on the family cat or dog when (as Ruth says) the real baby comes along, then life becomes less than ideal for the poor creature. I wonder why cot and pram nets have gone out of fashion, seems a very good idea to me.

  3. A very good article Michael and it’s time all mothers to be were sensible about the way to look after a new baby without ‘getting rid of’ or excluding the family cat from the pleasures (to some, not to me lol) of the new baby.
    What makes me really mad is when the cat is ‘got rid of’ because the ‘real baby’ has come along, being used as a substitute baby proves that person should never have had a cat in the first place, cats should be welcomed as cats and should be part of the family for their lifetime.

    • My thoughts exactly. Cats integrate well into the household when a new baby arrives. There tends to be a hyped-up fear that is not justified. Cats just keep clear and mind their own business. They’re smart. They know how to survive.

      • I agree to. I hate that suddenly you get a real baby so the cat has to go. Why? I hate even more that someone has poisoned the mum to be with tales of horror about what the cat will do to the baby (none of it true).

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