Park Ranger Allowed Trapped Cat to Die in Trap

This is a story which comes from Facebook; the trap-neuter-return community, and I don’t have a great deal of detail but what I do see looks like a violation of the animal welfare laws of Michigan state if the allegation is true.

Judy Lynn, a member of Sandy Pines, reports that new rangers at vacation park in Dorr, Michigan hate cats. Sandy Pines is an 800 acre family vacation destination. You become a member to enjoy the wide range of facilities. It appears to be privately owned. I am not sure. It may be a local authority facility managed by local government employees.

The park rangers have been trapping cats all winter Lynn said. She was out in the park and found a dead, frozen cat inside a trap (see photo). She says that the rangers do not check their traps and that they don’t care.

She invited Facebook colleagues to telephone the person in charge of the rangers: Mel Brummel on (616) 896-9006 to complain.

I don’t know what normally happens to the trapped cats. I will assume that they are feral or semi-feral cats living in the park and that they are removed by the rangers. But where are they removed to? My guess is that they are euthanised (killed) at a shelter. Does anyone know?

To let a cat starve to death in a trap is clearly animal cruelty and a crime. There is no question about it. Someone should report the matter to management and demand answers. If an investigation finds that the ranger was either negligent of malicious in allowing the cat to starve to death in the trap then he/she should be reprimanded as an employee (final written warning?) and the matter reported to the police.

That won’t happen. See FB page in question.

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5 thoughts on “Park Ranger Allowed Trapped Cat to Die in Trap”

  1. I just we should call that number, but I wish there was more information. If that’s true, and I have no reason to doubt it, that is horrific and unacceptable. That person needs to be fired immediately. It is possible he is following the directives of management, or they’re just turning a blind eye to his own perverse decision to torture animals.

  2. This is insane. Park rangers are supposed to be protectors of animals and wildlife. A true park ranger would not trap an animal and leave it to die under any circumstances. This “vacation park” has to be privately owned.These “park rangers” must be either hired security guards or else they are being paid off somehow.


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