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Parliament to Discuss Reducing Number of Firework Displays and Maximum Decibel Levels in Interests of Pet Welfare — 4 Comments

  1. The problem is that the laws already are on the books making private (without the benefit of a permit) fireworks displays illegal. It’s not just selfish to shoot off fireworks in dense urban areas, it’s illegal. More laws won’t help because the current ones are already ignored.

    Professional displays are possibly going to continue to get louder because noise is cheaper than color when it comes to fireworks shells and the price of shells seems to be going up in general. Plus, municipalities are often facing budget cuts.

    Most of the shows my husband and I work on every year have been getting smaller every year. Some have seen reduction in the size of the shells because of new construction in the area. You need seventy feet per inch of shell of clearance all the way around the staging area.

    The camp show that we actually help pay for (instead of getting paid to shoot it) does tend to be noisy because my husband can get more product that way for a longer, though noisier, show. I don’t really like the noise but the crowd does. The noisy shells, called salutes, are more dangerous. But the entire show is electronically fired now at least.

    I do enjoy fireworks. Not most of the consumer grade stuff and not in the hands of the irresponsible. But the pyrotechnicians we work with are very safety conscious and have a passion for what they do. It’s hard, dirty work. We put in a 22 hour day working one show, by the time it was all cleaned up and we got home! But the result of our work can be beautiful.

    One of Jeff’s friends is truly an artist with fireworks and we enjoy what he comes up with for our employee “clean out the bunker” party in the fall. Even those who don’t really like fireworks would enjoy that show, especially hearing his thought process behind how the show is designed.

    I think in the United States there are probably more remote rural areas where shows can be put on without bothering many people because there are so few residences nearby.

  2. Fireworks here on the 4th of July are horrible and continue through the early morning.
    My whole routine is disrupted. I’m up all night with my cats inside. Most are out of their minds scared. I’m outside checking on the ones out there that are cowering and desperate to hide somewhere.
    However, to my delight, some that would never come inside race in during this. But, that attests to the sheer fear that they have of what’s going on.
    I drive around about every hour to check on my feral colonies just to give them a familiar voice and, hopefully, a little comfort.
    I wish that it was all outlawed.

    • It is outlawed. The laws are just not being enforced. Even for professional shows they have to start the show by a certain time. All consumer grade fireworks require a permit issued by the municipality in which they are being used, even sparklers. None of that is legal without the benefit of a permit, at least in my state, and I think most states are the same if not stricter. People are getting hurt, they risk setting fires and yet police just look the other way.

  3. This is good news-I hope the vote passes Parliament for this petition to be held on 6 June 2016. My cats are afraid of firework sounds and also,thunderstorms.It’s raining hard here in Tennessee.

    Eva say’s

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