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Part Maine Coon–one person’s trash another person’s treasure — 5 Comments

  1. Sadly, I know longer have Max. At age 13, I had to have this sweet kitty put down a few weeks ago. I noticed he only seemed to eat his canned food, and I thought it was something with his teeth. Then one day he seemed to be very uncomfortable and cried out when I petted him on his abdomen. A visit to an emergency vet brought a diagnosis of some kind of urinary tract inflammation. The next day he was still in pain so I took him to my vet where he was given pain medication. That helped, and he seemed to be getting better. But 2 days later he was in pain again. An x-ray and an ultrasound revealed a mass in his intestines and inflammation of some lymph nodes. Surgery might have helped, but he would have needed chemo on top of that, and there was no guarantee it would have helped. So, sadly I had him put down. His ashes are now buried near my parents’ grave sites, under a peony bush. He came from that cemetery and it was only fitting that I returned him there.

    RIP, little buddy. I miss you.

  2. I rescued a Maine Coon that is identical to Max one month ago in our backyard. Poor guy was eating bird seed under the bird feeder out of the snow. My vet says he is approximately 1 to 1 1/2 years old and he weighs 13 pounds now. He is beautiful affectionate and smart, but looks absolutely like he could be the twin brother to Max 🙂

      • He is what is really sad is he was limping when I found him, I coaxed him to me and he was so hungry he ate 3 cans of cat food (I own cats). The next day I took him to the vet they x-rayed his arm and discovered someone shot him with a 22! His arm healed over crooked. My vet said I can take him to Port Washington vet and they can re=break his leg and cast it. I am debating if that should be done.

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