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Patriotic Russian Cat. Discussion About Feline Observational Learning — 14 Comments

  1. In my opinion, some cats do a good job of mimicing their caretakers in some things. I have a couple that will try to mimic my “kissy” sound although they can’t do it well. Some will try to repeat other sounds that I make. Two will come with me and look for things in a pattern that I usually have.

    I sure would like to know who Damon observed that turned him into such a thief.

  2. Very interesting sounds very true i guess. I know with some of the other cats, they get very clever. I like observing things sometimes. People think i got nothing to say, and are quiet. but are surprised when ill say something that they are not expecting. That book sounds interesting though.

      • Very true, i notice jasmine does alot of observing of what we do. Especially when theres alot of different noises, like electric toothbrush and shaver. Shes definitely very interested on different things we are doing compared to the other cats.

  3. Cats are very clever, far cleverer than we give them credit for, they are in fact cleverer than humans!

  4. Interesting – and I assume the reason why Lilly knows to open doors by the handle. I think you must be right – I doubt she was trained. If anything she did it once and the man thought it was great and encouraged the behaviour from there on out. Sort of training as an after thought I guess. That would be my guess anyway.

    • Does she jump up on the door handle to open it? I remember Tammy used to do that and knock things off the bench.

    • Sounds right to me. Informal training if you like. It looks extraordinary. She immediately took up position when the music started so she must have practiced this. It looks trained-in to me.

  5. Michael although the Americans were the first to land on the Moon it seems the Russians are the first and only country in the World to have a “Cat Circus” known as the “MOSCOW CAT THEATRE”. Check this link :-http://www.kuklachev.ru/eng/about/ . Since i work from home have been able to observe,photograph and write about my cats from first hand accounts.The term “COPY CAT” describes the common cat as they are great mimics with the kittens copying their mother.Its real hilarious at times akin to human kids at play.

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