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Pau d’Arco for Cats — 7 Comments

    • Wow! Interesting. What works for humans often works for cats 😉 We have to be very careful though (and I know you’d agree) when treating our cats at home. On the internet there is a lot of rather carelessly produced information copied from some other site.

  1. Very useful, shared to facebook, thank you Michael. <3

    And yes DEE, LIVER of a cat is very sensitive, true. We must be very careful about herbal meds. 🙁

    • This particular herb is discussed quite a lot by people recommending herbal treatments (as so called natural treatments) for cats but my research indicates there are dangers. We have to be super careful when using these products.

  2. There are just a few herbal remedies that I have some belief in. But, tree bark isn’t one of them.

    If there is anything that a caretaker needs to know, it is about the sensitivity of a cat’s liver. Read, read, and re-read. The liver is an irreplacable organ. To keep insulting it will kill your cat.

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