Paul Hollywood looks like the lion he photographed in his Instagram selfie

I don’t know whether it is just me and my imagination but there is a similarity between the face of Paul Hollywood and the face of the lion that he photographed in his selfie, published on his Instagram page. I think it is because of (1) the direct, passive and serious expression (2) the beard with is reflected in the lion’s facial hair and (3) the masculine look he has and (4) his symmetrical facial features which are reflected in the lion’s face. I am speculating but perhaps Paul realised the similarity before he took the picture. He is probably well-flattered by the likeness!

SImilarity between Paul Hollywood and lion
SImilarity between Paul Hollywood and lion. Photo: Paul Hollywood’s Instagram account.
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I am pleased to note that Matt Cross agrees with me! Here is his comment on Instagram:

matt_.cross — all I see are two photos of Paul Hollywood

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Just a selfie with a lion #thebigcatsantuary

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In case you have not heard of Paul Hollywood, he is a TV celebrity and a judge on The Great British Bake Off and The Great American Baking Show. He has a website:

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