Paul’s Last Will and Testament

Paul was a much loved tabby cat. His caretaker/guardian was Wes, an American living in Texas. Paul recent died of kidney failure and old age; in short, natural causes. He was 26-years-of-age, a truly fantastic and a rare age for a domestic cat. Wes wrote Paul’s last Will and Testament. I think it is good which is why I decided to publish it here. Click this link to see Wes’s Flickr photostream.

Paul's Will

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This is Wes’s photo of Paul not long before he died:

Paul just before he died
Paul just before he died

My thanks to Wes for allowing me to publish his photos on PoC. May Paul rest in peace. My condolences to Wes.

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3 thoughts on “Paul’s Last Will and Testament”

  1. Such a pretty boy; and, how fortunate to have had him so long.
    I hope that Wes was able to hold him in his last moment.
    It’s so important to plant those sweet kisses.


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