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Just over a year ago I designed some anti-declaw bookmarks for PoC and put the link to this wonderful web site on the back.

These are thumbnails. Please click on them to see them life-size. Then when you see them life-size, right click on the bookmarks and a sub-menu comes up and select “save image as” to download to your computer.

I thought it might be a good idea now to design some more, this time with The Paw Project link on the back, because quite a few members on various anti-declaw groups are asking how to help spread the word about the cruelty of declawing. Also about all the good work the Paw Project are doing repairing the paws of cats mutilated by declawing vets.

The bookmarks are very easy to make:

  • Take a piece of A4 card and put it in the printer, when the first side comes out, turn it over and put it in facing the same way and the second side prints neatly onto the back of the first side. Then cut round the bookmarks. This is the simplest and cheapest way to make them.
  • Or for stronger book marks, print the front and back on separate card, cut each one out and stick them together.
  • For even stronger book marks, laminate each one.
  • You could also make a neat hole at the top of the book mark and thread ribbon, embroidery silk or even wool through to decorate it up a bit.

There are many places the book marks can be left:

  • Pop one in each library book before you return them.
  • Ask the librarian if you could leave a pile on the counter.
  • Leave a few in your vets waiting room if he/she declaws, or scatter them around the chairs if you can do it without being seen.
  • Leave some in supermarkets and shops, with permission preferably, but they are small enough to drop a few in trolleys and at the checkout etc.
  • Pop one in every letter or card you post to anyone.

I’m sure there are many more places to spread them around. Some are quite colourful to catch the eye, hopefully there is a colour to suit all tastes. I haven’t ever added my name to any design before but have been told I should in case anyone should want to contact me for different colours.

All I care about is that my work saves some cats claws and I will do anything to help that happen.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

22 thoughts on “Paw Project Bookmarks”

  1. These are great Ruth. I’m going to print them and see what I can do. The library is an easy one, and I’ll ask if I can leave a pile at the vets office. I’ll try it first on card stock and see how it prints up. My paper cutter is sitting idle, now it will have a job. I’ll snap a picture to share here after I’ve made a bunch. You can tell me how I’m doing.

    • Thanks Dorothy, I’m glad you like them, I have to use my paper cutter when Babz isn’t around as it squeals and she can’t stand it lol
      Yes the library is the easiest place to put a few (with or without permission)

  2. This is GREAT- AS usual, Ruth!

    They are beautiful! Wonder if anyone can make them – some of us aren’t “printer” savvy! It would be a great fund-raising effort for proceeds to go to the Paw Project. I really love the comment Barbara posted!

    • Thanks Jo, yes you can do it my fellow Cancerian if I can πŸ˜‰ they are very simple to make, good luck x

  3. Ruth, they’re really eye-catching I know you spent a good bit of time (and ink and paper)adapting and perfecting the bookmarks and they’re ideal for spreading the message on the front and the important website addresses on the back. It would be so easy to share the bookmarks around schools and libraries and have a supply to give out at adoption centres and fundraisers. Well done x

    • lol yes a lot of tearing of hair and tries to get the front and back lined up perfectly but thanks to you I’ve a drawer full of inks for my printer to do that and paper is cheap enough. I hope anyone who wants to make them can get the A4 card as easy as we can.

  4. Thanks to Michael for putting the bookmarks on PoC.
    This is a very easy and inexpensive way to spread the word and get more people to visit The Paw Project web site and hopefully join the quest to educate about declawing and ultimately help get it banned.


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