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Paw Project-Utah and PoC Helping a Declawed Cat — 15 Comments

  1. I am happy to announce that Mollie is running through the house! She began her medicine last Friday, thank you again. Yesterday she started running in spurts, but this morning she ran from one end of the house to the other 🙂 Her meow has changed and sounds more relaxed, she lets me pet her front paws now, and no more box issues unless I don’t get it scooped soon enough in the mornings (there are 3 total). Thank you so very much for helping Mollie to be pain free. She might actually make friends with the newest kitty of the house who has all her claws. My heart is full and Mollie is doing well.

  2. From Tina:

    I was able to get pictures to Dr. Doub, Paw Project Utah, and Mollie needs to be on medication. She said, “her paws look rough.” It isn’t the end of the world, but sure would have been nice if she would have never been declawed!!! Thank you again to PoC, Ruth, Jo, Dr. Doub, Carla Krebs, and everyone who helped to make this happen. Mollie might have lived in this pain the rest of her life and now I can make it a little easier. Mollie has two devoted dogs who love her and a Maggie Mae who protects her and me who adores her. May God Bless every declawed cat in the world and make thier pain easier. God, give me their pain, they can’t handle it, I know how to. Amen

  3. Thank God for The Paw Project and everyone with their hearts of gold who care about these poor abused cats. This newsletter from Paw Project-Utah about Mollie is amazing, what has been achieved for her restores my faith that not all US vets are greedy grasping butchers, there is a force for good fighting the force of evil that is declawing. Thank you so much Dr Doub.

    But also thank you Michael and POC and everyone who is against and fights declawing, including my incredible sister Ruth who is determined to see it banned world wide, I am in awe of her commitment. That POC was able to be part of Mollie getting the attention and treatment she needed makes me so proud to be associated with you all. I hope the tide is starting to turn, the whispers against declawing are starting to become roars as more vets get on board and more people realise how much of a crippling life change declawing is to cats. We will celebrate the end of declawing one day!

    • there is a force for good fighting the force of evil that is declawing.

      Well said Babz, indeed there is. We need more people, more American vets actually to be brave and highly moral like Drs Conrad and Doub. We should all be proud of our effort to be part of getting help for Mollie. An international cooperation.

  4. We MUST keep declawing education in the limelight ALL the time until it is finally a thing of the past.

    Dr. Doub is amazing- I have no other words at this moment to describe how I feel about the incredibly important work she is doing. This article is truly awesome…

  5. I think Mollie’s plight will make some impact here. I believe that Dr. Doub is being heard. But, it’s equally important that a site like POC keeps the mission in the spotlight and never lets it wain. I don’t think our Ruth would ever let that happen! LOL!
    I think POC has been a big force in keeping the insanity related to declawing in the limelight.

  6. What a wonderful lady thank God there are now veterinarians helping these poor cats with their pain imagine being in pain 24/7 and you can’t tell anyone you just want it to go away 🙁

    At least the amazing work that Dr Doub is doing can be shown to those who constantly say that these complications are just animal rights propaganda.

  7. Poor Mollie.

    She’s an amazing looking cat isn’t she. Traditional looking. To me she is exotic looking in the right way.

    The fact there’s nothing in her paws is good and bad I suppose. If there had been something in there it could have been removed and possibly solved the problem. I guess even ‘clean’ ‘declaw’ surgeries leave cats incapacitated by pain for the rest of their lives.

    Declawing is animal abuse. It’s cruelty. But it is disguised as something quite opposite. To me that makes it all the more insideous. In a way an a$$ hole is not as bad as an a$$ hole in disguise. Declawing is the worst of the worst.

    • Her “white bits” are very dark for a Siamese. This may be because of her age – older Siamese have less good blood circulation causing the body to be cooler leading to darker fur. Or her home may be cool.

      Declawing is madness but I am proud if the international cooperation in this project.

  8. It’s good to share the newsletter on PoC thanks Michael, Kirsten gives very good advice for anyone with a declawed cat.
    I’m so glad it’s being known now that declawed cats are not ‘fine’ as some people say, because maybe more will get the help they need to improve their lives a bit.
    I feel so sad that they can never have their toe ends back, most declawed as kittens and never had the pleasure of enjoying their claws as cats have the right to.
    When will this cruelty stop! How many more cats are to suffer before it does 🙁

    • I am very pleased that this “project” between us worked. We made progress and I love that. It was an example of true international cooperation. I admire Dr Doub massively and her newsletter is first rate.

      I very proud of our website because of the quality we produce. Mollie makes me feel sad though.

      • As far as I know, PoC is the only UK website helping to educate about the cruelty of declawing and has saved many claws.
        You have every right to be proud Michael, I am proud to be part of your anti declaw ‘team’

        • You are definitely a major team member. It is rewarding to do something tangible rather than just discuss things although writing about it does achieve results over time.

          PoC gets 7,000-10,000 page views per day so we are talking to people.

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