Paws mutilated from declawing and neglect

by Maggie Sharp
(Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

Chilli - the morning of the day that he died

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Chilli - the morning of the day that he died

This isn't my cat, obviously, though they go by the same name. I found this cat's story and thought that there was a certain aspect in which I would like to bring to your attention... See directly below.

This is what was mentioned about Chilli's legs and paws:

"Elizabeth pointed out that he had been de-clawed, and would be unable to defend himself." and "Chilli was at this time already an older cat (7-10 years we guess) and appeared to have been abused by a previous owner.

Both front legs appeared to have been broken and had set slightly off. Chilli's front paws rested at 45 degree angles to his body, and both legs had a certain odd angle to them when he sat."

Indeed horrific... I personally think it was the declawing that caused Chilli's paws to be like that, not the braking of his legs.

Here's the website: Chilli: A Memorial (new window). Look at Chilli's paws in the many pictures, you can tell that he's been declawed. Poor boy, still, I'm glad his life turned out well in the end...


Paws mutilated from declawing and neglect to declawing cats

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Paws mutilated from declawing and neglect

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May 06, 2010 Declawing
by: Maggie Sharp

I posted an article with the video, hopefully it will be up soon so you can see it. It's not a very nice video, and I personally think that the video was created only to convince gullible people that declawing is not cruel...

It was the first declawing video that I had ever brought myself to watch... I can't describe how I felt while I watched it, I wanted to jump into the screen and just tell them to stop destroying the cat's life... Every toe they ripped off was ripping life out of those beautiful cats...

I'm so glad that my darling Chilli was born in Australia, where he can be guaranteed to keep his claws forever.

May 05, 2010 Claws
by: Ruth

There are a few videos supposedly showing how happy and well the cat is after declawing but they tell a different story to the truth.We've a few on our Claws group horror story page from vet techs who have assisted at actual declawings and describe how the cat is after the op...they are certainly not well and happy !
We know cats hide away when in pain and distress don't we? They must think we are daft if they say that's a happy cat !
Michael will know about videos and if it's OK to put them on,it's a good idea as there are some even showing the horrible operation.
One advertising a wooden 'declaw assistant' for laser declawing is really horrible showing the vet wrenching the toe end off.The damage to the tissues in the cat's paws must be dreadful.The end makes me feel sick, the voice says how much more enjoyable it makes declawing for the vet !ENJOYABLE mutilating a cat ! And how much quicker it is too.
I agree with you Maggie about soft paws,if it's between them or declawing then I'd say use them, but I honestly don't see the need to.
Why can't people let cats be cats and enjoy their claws !

May 04, 2010 Article ideas
by: Maggie Sharp

I did find an article on the web about a cat who was declawed and how much the owner regreted it, but the owner was supporting soft claws, so I'm not too sure about that one... As I think it's just as bad because the cat has the claws but can't use them despite how much they want to.

I also found a video about a vet, who I'm reluctant to say, was American, and he was declawing a cat. Afterwards it showed how happy the cats were... One of the happy cats behaved quite strangely, it didn't look like normal cat behaviour to me, though according to the cats' owner it was normal... The cat was constantly running and hiding... Poor thing... Is it possible to include a video in articles?? I would like people to see this video if I can find it again.

May 04, 2010 To Maggie
by: Ruth

Maggie if you can find some and write them up it woud be wonderful !
I'm always afraid some people might think I'm 'banging on' the same subject too much,so lots of articles written by you and other writers too would be a great help to our cause.
I'm sure Michael would notice if any of us wrote about the same suffering cats and sort it out.
Someone on here once mentioned we should flood the internet with information and as PoC is so popular and all about cats and as long as Michael doesn't mind, it's the ideal place.

May 04, 2010 Declawing articles
by: Maggie Sharp

I would be more than happy to look for some articles for you, I don't know what I'd find but I'm sure it would be worth it...

I'm not sure how many people would mention such a detail though, to some people declawing is just like neutering... You get it done then forget about it...

May 04, 2010 Poor Chilli
by: Ruth

Poor Chilli, sometimes painful arthritis from declawing can make it look as if the cat's legs have been broken and healed crooked.
Chilli is just one of many cats who have suffered or are suffering still.Maybe we could find lots more stories like this one and make an article about each and every one to let everyone see what declawing really does to cats?

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 30, 2010 Walking an older cat
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Thanks Maggie for relaying this great story. I suppose that's the kind of stuff you only find in case you happen to have a cat by the same name and do the google. 😉
One thing I noted with particular interest was the fact that despite being an older cat, Chilly easily learned how to walk in a leash and seemed to enjoy it a lot. I have to try that with my Snow White too...

Finn Frode avatar

Apr 23, 2010 too sad
by: kathy

I loved your stories. Im hoping they will give me strength because my cat Lia is showing some signs of getting older. I just got him back about a year ago. He was my first kitten. Born in my room. Im not even sure how many years ago that was. Im sorry for your losses. Cats become part of our souls.

Apr 23, 2010 cruel people

I agree everything that happned to poor chili was due to human cruelty. Poor creature. Im glad he was able to at least get a little love from someone before he passed.

Apr 23, 2010 Thanks Maggie
by: Michael

Thanks Maggie for picking up this story. I have read a good bit of Chilli's story on the website built as his memorial by the two fine people, Paul Smith and Elizabeth Yuan, who looked after him so brilliantly during the second half of his life.

As you say it worked out. He had an obviously extremely poor start to life but was saved. He was lucky as he was heading towards an early death by the look of it.

He also just missed being euthanised because of the strict rabies legislation in the state where he was found - New Jersey.

Everything that happened to him happened because of people. Some are good and some are not.

Michael Avatar

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