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Pawscout: Next Generation Pet Finder — 7 Comments

  1. Maybe one day the microchip will be foolproof. I’m sure it is still the most secure way to track your pet overall. And maybe one day the authorities or those above will deem it necessary to paw-print pets or something similar…praps Iris recognition…..now that really would be something reassuring!
    Just a thought…..

    • The rescue organisation I work with register the microchip with themselves rather than the “owner” as far as I remember. The weakness is that people move and don’t update the data on the microchip. I think that is the problem.

  2. I think it would be ingenious if it weren’t for those who in society are untrustworthy, who will quickly find out about this and exploit it to their own end. I hate to be negative as I can’t imagine the torture people must go through when a loved family pet is missing and how desperate it must make one feel but I just worry about who else potentially could be scooping up my beloved lost pet….
    This is such a cheap and easily obtainable system to buy in to.

    • Suzy, I share your cynicism. Anyone dubious could use that App to demand a ransom if they encounter a missing pet.

      My cats would never wear collars. I’ve tried and they just went crazy trying to get them off. I prefer to have them microchipped instead. Wonder how long it will be before someone invents a GPS or tracker chip for pets?

    • 🙂 you’re comment made me smile because you highlight a potential flaw which the inventor may not have fully appreciated or appreciated at all.

      In the UK, there is a lot of pet theft at the moment. What you say might mean this invention leads cats and dogs into the hands of thieves.

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