Payson Friends of Ferals, Payson Arizona

Payson Friends of Ferals, Payson Arizona

by Lisa Boyle
(Payson Arizona)

Payson Friends of Ferals is an arm of Payson Humane Society in Payson Arizona. Payson is a small city in central Az. With a population of about 17,000 in town with quite a few surrounding rural communties.

We established PFF in 2005. Payson is still a very “wild west” sort of town and educating people on the TNR method of humanely and successfully controling the numbers of these “unwanted” cats was no easy task and still is a battle fought each day. But slowly but surely through hard work and dedication we have begun to change the tide. We have put over 1500 cats through our program and are beginning to reduce the numbers entering our small worn out facility. We have managed to adopt out many cats that had been through the TNR program but are domesticated.

We work to domesticate. And we have dramatically reduced the numbers of healthy, beautiful ferals who are brought in to be euthanized simply because they are feral and belong to no human. If you would like to learn more about our program you can see us at:

Hi Lisa: Thanks for the submission. I admire people like you who do such valuable work. I have provided a link. The URL that you provided didn’t work so I found one that did. I hope you are OK with that. If not please contact me

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Feb 19, 2012 feral cats @ Pondersoas Glenn MHP Star Valley
by: Jerry Owens

We have discussed your help in dealing with brood after brood of feral kittens from feral cats at this park…we feed them and hope to obtain your assistance in capture and neutering and possibly feeding these cats…..we have never had a response to the discussions other than a promise to start capture which has never taken place..since our last conversation between Lisa and Carolyn Kane at #53 190 N. Cornerstone Way Star Valley…back in November 2011, the kittens are now breeding with the adults and even one or two adult females are pregnant again….Here’s hoping something can spark an interest to really accomplish something here with the help of “Friends of Ferals”…’cause we are accomplishing little more than keeping these animals from starving…..please help!

Jun 04, 2011 check out this link
by: Anonymous

Apr 14, 2011 too bad
by: Anonymous

Since moving to Payson 4 years ago i have watched the bird population disappear. in my own yard every year the collard doves loose all their young to these cats. i have also witnessed them killing quail (which i havn’t seen in two years, and i cannot leave my doors to my house open on the deck because they will literally come in my house and go after my birds. i love animals, but the cats that do not have a home need to be eliminated. i have traveled all over the world and have been to islands where the entire ground dwelling bird population is gone, and many of the tree ones too. Extinct, like forever because of the humans who cannot control their pets. i think it is noble to TNR, but that doesn’t help all the species that are decimated by the ferals.

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